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Thread: Worst case senerio just played out..Def Con 4

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    Default Worst case senerio just played out..Def Con 4

    Hello everyone, Last week I ordered some new SDK's. UPS was the delievery company. Well I check my phone for tracking this morning and it said the package was in route. Normally when I order diapers & ect.. they get delivered by 2pm the latest. Well today I came home and saw no package on the front steps, I looked by the garage and no package to be found.. so I thought ok, no problem, its a Monday the guy might be running late, or what ever. I didn't check my phone yet.
    Well my phone rang and it was the neighbor one street away. (I don't know them well) He goes "hey is this John?" I answer yeah it is.. he goes " I got a package of diapers sitting here on my front porch, can you come and pick them up?" I played it cool and said ..sure no problem, be right over.
    To tell you the truth, I wasn't really excited / anxious, I new this would happen one of these days. I was just wondering / in disbelief someone would open a package when the cell # is written on the delivery label.
    So I go over there, say hello, we shake hands, talk a little about the weather, then he goes, "here's your package, I wonder how they (UPS) mixed up streets. I said yeah, I guess the guy got lazy and left.
    I feel a little embarrassed, and I'm sure him and his wife wont look at me the same for a while, but oh well, you cant turn back time, just gotta keep pushing forward.
    FYI the new SDK's from the old ones - nothing really changed, they don't seem thicker, and cant really tell if there's an added surge pad, when I get some time I compare them neck and neck to the cushies I've had for a while.

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    Well you got yourself through that one alright! I think I would actually die if that happened to me

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    I tried to play cool, like it was an ordinary item, I think people can sense when someone else is tensed up / embarrassed. But I wouldn't be human if I didn't say I feel a little adrenalin rush right now.

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    Id act like what i got a package of what is this a joke. 😳.....mordified

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    This would suck! I've gone through paranoia levels of planning to make sure nobody knows who I don't want to know. To have all that thwarted to something out of my control would be... (I can't find the word to describe it)

    It sounds like everything turned out okay. I'm sure he was probably just as embarrassed as you though.

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    This happened to me once many years back. I had ordered some "Classy Comfort" (I don't really think anybody will remember them, think of a proto Snuggies without the piss poor tapes) and FedEX screwed it up. At the time I was only 15 and came home after a jog to see my neighbor knocking at the door with an opened package and a confused look on his face. I took the box and told him never to speak of it again, he was cool so he didn't, but it still was embarrassing.

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    Why would anyone open a package that is not addressed to them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WBxx View Post
    Why would anyone open a package that is not addressed to them?
    My thought exactly, sounds like trespassing to me. I had a neighbor take things and I received the package opened. The thing is that I've always expected them of stealing and breaking in to my house. There should be a system that forces later deliveries because having to work during operating hours completely sucks when you are worrying about your package being stolen.

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    Ohh man. That's aweful. Sorry that happened. I've never experienced that & hope it never happens to me. I'm in a rural area, & something like that would be the death of me socially.

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    The worst experience I've had similar to that was having an order of very babyish looking plastic pants delivered to our daughter's house instead of ours. I had ordered them from Fetware, blue and pink carousel print plastic pants, and for some strange reason, their software must have picked up her address from my computer. So it arrived at her house and we got a hideous phone call, asking if we had ordered these really big plastic pants. They looked big to her because she had our first grandchild, still in diapers.

    My wife and I denied that they were ours, that we'd take the plastic pants so we could send them to this "strange company" and make sure our credit card wasn't hi-jacked. The whole thing was a nightmare!

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