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    Hello, I am dl for 4 years, but always had strange feeling that something is missing and 4 day ago I realise that I would like to be a daddy. Well when I started to be dl I didn't like ad thing but now I think that I realised what that means. So I would like to be a daddy but don't know how, can someone explain me that relationship between baby and daddy? And just wanted to say that for me that this isn't about finding gf and sex, just have feel that I have to do that. And I found baby girl, but want to be best daddy for my baby girl.

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    I'd start off by being an online daddy, there are a lot of AB's that look for that kind of thing. Its probably a better way of starting than just straight up getting an AB to come over and start changing him/her. You can start really simply by going to the Role Play forum, although those conversations should stay confined to here, and follow the rules. Or you can go to Social websites such as Fetlife and look for AB's on there looking for a daddy, there are also a few other trust worthy AB social websites but you will mostly find men on them, or you could try There are also a lot of babyfur's that look for caretakers, so you could try out, or some other ones out there.

    As for what to do, Just check how their day is going, make sure they take good care of their diapering, encourage them to get in naps, tell them how cute they are when you see pictures, maybe role play a bit of fun stories. Come up with fun ideas of things to do at a distance. Perhaps have your baby color some pictures for you.

    Afterwards, maybe start looking for AB's that are able to spend time with you in real life, and you will be able to get into the more personal and fun stuff, like diaper changes, bottle feeding, playing games, tickling, cuddling, dressing up adorable.

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