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Thread: Anyone know of an all white Non-Printed Baby Diaper?

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    Default Anyone know of an all white Non-Printed Baby Diaper?

    Does anyone know of an all-white non-printed Baby Diaper? It's OK if it has some wetness indicators but not if it has any "baby" print designs. I've found that they work great as a stuffer/doubler but I'm not a fan of the prints.

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    Tranquility offers a toddler plus size, that may fit the bill?

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    At that point, why not just use a regular booster pad? Baby diapers are great for booster pads, but the fact that they have a plastic layer means that you have to worry about your pee traveling to the sides in order to soak the front of the main diaper, rather than a regular booster that would just let the pee travel through to the front. I could see why you would want a baby diaper if it is for the smell masking, I feel like baby diapers do a better job at that. In the end, the prices are a little cheaper for a baby diaper too usually, but based on the amount of padding, you probably get just as good a deal.

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    This might be as close as I can find. It is a save the earth 'green' diaper. It is white with a few faded leaf prints that look as minimalist as possible. I have seen brands similar or same to this in Harmons, I'm not sure if those ones are as minimalist, but there you go.

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    Also, if you can find one of these stores near you,

    I'm betting there are other sizes, but their website is annoying, these are supposed to be completely white.

    Edit: This is what you will want if you go with the 365 diapers.

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    Booster pads are a better choice, as Tyger has said, baby diapers have a plastic lining that will be problematic. Good booster pads are out there that have double, triple, or more the capacity of a baby diaper. If you're trying to buy local, I would suggest the Goodnites Tru fit inserts. They are plain white except for the instructions written on every one. There's no varnish prints on them. I use these as booster pads and have been very pleased so far.

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