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Thread: I lost all of my fear guys.. I finally am going to do it

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    Default I lost all of my fear guys.. I finally am going to do it

    I'm going to buy diapers from a store. Yes they aren't as good as online but I have a size 26-27 waist so even the kids size 6 fits me, so do swim diapers. I think I need to do it, as a right of passage, or rather, show I'm unafraid of who I am. Everyone knows I'm a furry, so diapers would be less weird XD I had to explain so many times that furries do not make love to animals -.-

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    Congrats! You can do it. I did it yesterday and it went pretty well for me. It was thrilling, my heart was pounding out of my chest, like you see in cartoons, for about 20 minutes after I checked out.

    For me I got the Goodnites L/XL pull-ups and the Goodnites Tru-fit, both for girl designs, also got the extra Tru-fit refill. I barely fit in either one, but man they are fun

    Keep us updated.

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    That's awesome,
    Premetheus I remember my first-time buying diapers, I think I even made a thread about it, anyway good luck Premetheus, and keep us posted.

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    It's not that bad! Trust me! When the anxiety starts to rear it's ugly head, just breath through it and remember it'll be over in like 3 minutes and then you'll be giddy and excited and coming on ADISC to join the wonderful diapered haven we have here.

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    It's about 99.99% in your head, nobody cares what you are buying, least of all the cashier. Just act like there's nothing special going on and it will be a cinch. I've bought diapers many many times in big box stores, drug stores, and medical supply stores and nobody has ever so much as blinked. I did get into a nice conversation with a person at a medical supply once but it was very professional and comfortable, I actually enjoyed it. I say just go for it, you will be surprised how easy it will be and after the third or fourth time you'll think nothing of it, just like buying a bag of chips!
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    Buying diapers gets easier the more you do it; I had that irrational fear at first as well. Admittedly, I buy my diapers online these days, but that is due to being unable to find premium diapers on the shelves in the US, not due to fear.

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    Lucky you, fitting in actual baby diapers! Go for it! You can do it, nobody is going to ask you a thing anyway, just act casual, it is kind of an exciting feeling when you are buying them.

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    Hey it's not bad go look pick out the ones go to check out.
    The thing is be confident when you're buying kind of like when you'r buying for a sibling or younger child that you're looking after.
    Most most clerks think you're buying for someone else but yourself and if you're acting nervous then I think it's for you.
    When I was younger the clerk thought that I was buying for a younger sister or brother .
    One even made comment that I must be pottie training a little one at home.
    In my mind it was thinking not on your life I love my diapers
    When I bought diapers for myself back then the hard part was sneaking them in the house not buying them.

    Now a days when I go in for my diapers at Walgreens or sams club or whatever they think its for a mother or father whose elderly and it's just not a problem.
    Have fun.

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    So many replies D: I can't respond to them all right away XD but thank you all! I love the support I get here, it makes me feel at home.

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