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Thread: I just told my girlfriend...

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    Default I just told my girlfriend...

    I've been dating my girlfriend for about 9 months, and it was going really well. We had been friends for almost 5 years before we got together, so there was a lot of trust and closeness, even before we took the next step.

    Thankfully, she's a very open person. Open about her wants and needs, and open to trying new things, in and out of the bedroom. I hope this part is PG-13. We got really silly drunk a few weeks ago and I shared my interest in watersports with her, and she was really receptive to learning more. We got some incontinence underpads to make cleanup a little easier. Since she works at one of the big American pharmacy chains, she knew what they were, and what were next to them on the shelf. Earlier this week, she and I were texting back and forth, joking about how that aisle has a new significance for us, and I figured, this is the best opportunity for a segue there's ever gonna be, and told her about my DL side. At the end, I said, "is this something you'd be willing to talk about?"

    As soon as I sent that text, I felt a combination of fear and overwhelming calmness. I had put it out there, to someone else, for the first time in real life, and there was no taking it back. Deep down, I really wasn't very worried about her freaking out or anything like that, but I expected her to be taken aback at the very least. I must have checked my phone 10 times in the 4 minutes it took her to reply. All she said was:

    "Of course we can talk about it! "

    And that's when I knew for sure that I had found my lobster.

    The only question she could think of was if I only peed, or if I also pooped in them. I told her that I only wet, and she was relieved because, to paraphrase, she was fine with me messing, but not in her bed.

    I've been writing to her, explaining why I am a DL, what my thoughts are about this being something open in our relationship, etc. She's curious but I can tell it's a lot for her to grasp, so I was taking it slow and just putting out the information for her to soak up, pun intended.

    Today, she messaged me because she was stocking the adult diaper aisle and she said it was a whole new experience for her, and not in a bad way. I just went crazy telling her what styles and brands I wore, and now it feels like just another thing we can chat about. She's still at work so she hasn't responded to the tome of diaper knowledge I sent her, but I think at the very least she will find it entertaining.

    Hopes this gives a little hope to the closeted ABDL folks out there. I'm not suggesting that you take my seemingly-successful story as scripture. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't have a significant other who would be willing to work on understanding and accepting this part of out lives. But, I have to say, I really never thought I'd out myself to anyone, except maybe a doctor or another ABDL looking for a hookup or FWB deal, and now that I have, I feel pretty good.

    I'll keep you posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tg4selfcheckout View Post
    I've been dating my girlfriend for about 9 months, and it was going really well. We had been friends for almost 5 years before we got together, so there was a lot of trust and closeness, even before we took the next step.
    I have to say I was kind of preparing for the worst when I read this.

    That's great!

    I have to agree you probably wouldn't find a better opening to talk about it than her bringing up the significance of the aisle to you. Anyway, Good Luck!

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    That is awesome!

    I am hoping, one day, that I will find a girl that is accepting of everything like this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arcituthis View Post
    I have to say I was kind of preparing for the worst when I read this.
    I'm glad you picked up on that I wanted that reaction to make the end better and prevent tl:drs

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    I'm glad it worked out! I remember coming out as an ABDL... it was tough, but everything worked out in the end! Kudos for you!

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    I have been a a lurker on this site for year(sss) and every time I see a story like this it gives me a bit of hope that someday I might find happiness myself. Congratulations for you both. You should consider using the connection you've made with your partner to give back to the ABDL community. I've relied so much on this community over the years I always thought if I ever found myself with someone who accepted me I would do whatever I could to give back - help others that were in my shoes. Continue to keep posting on the site - would love to hear updates.

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    I too have been very lucky with the partners I've told but it's really good to see other people getting the same chance at a loving relationship where they don't live in fear of being found out. All the best to you and your girlfriend

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    She finally got a chance to text me from work. She was really busy with a big delivery so all she had time to say was "I love you and I love that you're talking to me about this we're still hanging out tomorrow, right?"

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    Very good my friend glad to hear it if you want to talk to me about what your going to say and how to sy it give me a PM

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