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Thread: Your Avatar?

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    Question Your Avatar?

    Post here to explain what your current avatar is, and also when you upload a new avatar too.

    My latest avatar is a $10 colored chibi drawing of myself as a young child, that I had commissioned (paid) RFSwitched to draw for me on deviantART.


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    Mine is a Caitian, a Felinoid Species and members of the Federation in the Star Trek Universe.

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    I got mine a long time ago but I think it was from Photobucket. Since I'm dogboy and have an uncanny way of befriending dogs, I wanted a picture that sort of replicated that.

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    Mine is a Strawberry Shortcake picture. She's dressed like a ballerina in it. I made the background myself and rendered the image myself.

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    Mine's a Halo ODST. Found the concept line art online and colored it myself.

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    My avatar is just a photo I came across while surfing the web, I could not even tell you where I found it. She looks to be a happy little girl, and she is wearing the kind of dress that I always wanted, and wished that I could have worn when I was her age, in the photograph. It's just a happy little fantasy that dances through my mind.

    ToddlerNaruto, Your avatar is very cute.Well worth the $10.00 you paid to have it done.

    caitianx, I guessed it was a character from Star Trek from the uniform. It kind of scares the Hell out of me every time I see it.

    egor, Too cute, but pictures of kittens always are.

    dogboy, I've heard you explain your avatar several times over the years. It still suits you to a ' T '.

    gigglemuffinz, Your avatar is as darling as you are. It suits you perfectly.

    Jonnythepony, Your's is very cute.too. I love MLP ; FIM.

    arcituthis, Yours is from the video game Halo ? I don't really know anything about the game. Your avatar kind of scares me, too.

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    Mine is a pixel art toddler image of myself that I drew in paint; That ApplePI(a friend of mine from this site) generated a matrix theme overlay for.

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