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Thread: AFK: Away From Computer

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    Default AFK: Away From Computer

    I was pondering today you know how people put AFK: Away From Keyboard.....What does that even mean?
    Shouldn't it be AFC: Away From Computer?
    Why do you specify what part of the computer you are away from? I mean people don't take just the monitor or just the harddrvie with them when they leave their computer
    so shouldn't it be just AFC because you are away from your computer in general?
    " yeah I am away from my keyboard. Not the rest of the computer, just the keyboard!" It's ridiculus!
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    what if you're watcfhing a movie or playing a game with a joystick? Or sometimes I put my keyboard away when I'm reading at my desk, even if I'm right by my computer.

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    Why the hell would AWC be "away from computer"? I could see AFC, but not AWC. AFK seems perfectly fine: Away From Keyboard. You're thinking way too into this. The world would descend into chaos if every acronym were nit-picked

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Shouldn't it just be "I'm away"?
    I'm not sure where AFK originated, but I first started seeing it in EverQuest when I started playing in 2000. I liked it both because there was an /afk command that indicated you were away but also because the description clearly indicates an out of game action, meaning the person playing is not present. If someone says "brb" in game, this can both indicate that they're walking away from the machine or that their character is off to do something. Context generally clears this up, but /afk is clear and unambiguous. Likewise, "I'm away" could be someone's Errol Flynn-like dramatic departure statement.

    I do use AFK as a status in IRC, meaning that I'm not close at hand, although not completely absent, either. Might be watching a movie or otherwise engaged and only occasionally glancing at the screen. I'm sure that's more than anyone needed to know about it, but I was on a roll.

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    I am usually on my computer when I say AFK, or at least it is on and I am near. I might be playing a game or watching a movie or something like that - but if you talk to me I am probably not going to respond. I certainly mean something very different by AFK and away. Away means I am having a nap, or getting something to eat or something. AFK means I am probably at or near my computer, but I'm not going to respond.

    Also, dunno why, but AFK looks better to me than AFC. Maybe that's just me though.

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    But techniclly your away from the whole computer not just the Keyboard

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