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Thread: Just got my Bambino Classicos today!

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    Default Just got my Bambino Classicos today!

    OK, so my parents are FINALLY away on a 12-day river cruise in Europe—and I've got the whole house to myself for the time being.

    So, I took the opportunity of buying myself a twin case of large Bambino Classico diapers off of Amazon. Luckily, I ordered them on the spur of the moment under a week ago. And now, here they are today–I've got one on now even as I speak! Now, all I need are my baby toys and I'm all set for a high ol' little time.

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    I enjoy Bambino's diapers, and have some coming soon as well.
    I almost always get Teddies. =D

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    Enjoy. They're quite nice. I haven't really had to push Bambino diapers to the absolute limit, so absorbency doesn't matter too much to me. Thus, I prefer the Classicos over the Bellissimos because of the print.

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    Bambinos Bellissimo= the most absorbent diapey's I've had yet! I love them! They're a little bulky under clothing but totally worth the price! Enjoy and I hope you're able to expand in yourself and desires in the future!

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    I know exactly the feeling when you finally get the house to yourself. Especially when you've had to wait ages, have fun with them

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