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Thread: New plastic backed Tena Slip active fit

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    Default New plastic backed Tena Slip active fit

    guys and girls have you seen this?

    this is a new plastic backed tena slip arriving later this summer

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    That's Tena's Indian website. Can you confirm it's coming to the European market too?

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    It seems they've added another level of absorbency, "ultima", above "maxi" as well. Unless they've simply shifted the labels or use an entirely different absorbency labels in India. hmm

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    I hope these become available in the UK, however the slip classic released earlier in the year are still not. These look better though as they seem to have a full plastic backing rater than the hybrid backing on the classic.

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    Looks interesting. Let's hope they're like the old maxi

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    Ultima has been available in parts of Europe for some time, and was cloth backed before Plus, Super and Maxi were as well (the Ultima still comes in the old packaging, but is cloth backed).

    Interesting stuff. I'm wondering why India seems to get the full range first though?

    Maybe I should get my Tena Slip Maxi stash on Ebay now...

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    I have heard from a friend of mine in the States, that these are pretty damn good and live up to their name/capability. Unfortunately not yet available in Canada........whimper whimper

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