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Thread: Did this just happen?

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    Default Did this just happen?

    I weigh 220, I have a 35 inch waist and was wearing an abena M4. I drank two gallons of water today and held it till I couldn't stand it anymore. I just wet myself and leaked through my clothes. Did I go to fast or is it because the diaper just couldn't absorb quickly enough?

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    Other words, you flooded. You need to give it time to absorb, so perhaps go in short spurts until you've emptied your bladder?

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    Yeah, I think that's a good idea. When I took off the abena, it was destroyed lmao. So much fun though.

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    In my lifetime in diapers. I have never flooded out a premium diaper. PROPS TO YOU!

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    First time ever wearing and wetting one.

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    Mmhhmm ^^ just took a shower and am currently wearing another one I just wet. Holy crap this is fun.

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    Most diapers if not all diapers will leak with a really big flood, next time try to slow down the wetting so your diaper has time to absorb. Next time don't hold it so long when you first feel the need to pee let it go and keep relaxed afterwards.

    If you use your diaper more and more you will learn to not flood, also if you go 24/7 and only use your diaper you will start to pee more often and in smaller amounts. This will help prevent leaks.

    Remember never to flood your diaper since you still have control stop the stream every few seconds to let the diaper absorb the wetting.

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