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    I just thought that this place could use a help thread for those of us that play gutar. I am taking Guitar I in school and they have you learn the notes which is good but I have no idea how to read tabs or were to get the tabs for songs I like so can someone help me out?

    My understanding of tabs what something like 5-6 meaning string 5 root 6 but when I look up the tabs for In Extremo's Liam I get this.



    Can someone please help me?

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    Well, the first thing I noticed is that you don't play this song with the standard tuning. The letters furthest to the left in the tab tells you how to tune the strings.

    As you might have guessed, everything that follows those letters on the same row represents what is going to happen on that string and when, going from left to right. The numbers tell you what fret you should use when pressing down on the strings. A "0" means you don't press down on any fret at all. Just strum with an open left hand (assuming you're right handed).

    As such, you begin the song by pressing down and strumming on the c/g/c strings on the 2nd fret, then the 4th fret, then the 2nd fret again and so on.

    For getting tabs I would recommend Ultimate Guitar. If you don't find it there, a google search of the song title + "guitar tab" usually does the trick.

    If you need more help, just ask. You could also check out the lessons section of Ultimate Guitar that I mentioned. Some of the lessons are pretty good. Here's a basic lesson for tabs by the way.

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    Yeah, Ultimate guitar is pretty solid, just stick with their 5-star rated tablature, even then their about 95%.

    I'm learning bass, so tablature is a little easier for me to read since it's all one-note-at-a-time type of deal.. Timing is a bitch though.

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    Tabs are really easy to understand once you get the point, you see, instead of giving you actual notes, it gives you the fret number and the string, almost like if they were coordinates, for example, if there's a number "6" right in the F string, that means that you will play the 6th fret in the F string, which would most likely be a "B" or if there's a 0 in the 6th string (C) that means that you will play an "open note" (I don't know the translation, but in this case you just play the string, without pressing anything).

    Pad's right, this is another tuning which is called "Dropped C tuning", so go find a tuner online or buy one at your local music store =)

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    If your learning guitar one thing i can recomend is once you get to know the basics like power chords or regular chords try and play along to your radio. Iv been playing for years and thats how i learn songs most of the time.
    Id recomend the standard tuning tho and try on easy songs like smoke on the water or smells like teen spirit.

    Most people start with smoke on the water. I cant say i did tho. lol

    Gear quality is another thing to look at. You dont need to spend a fortune on branded stuff because its "better quality". I own 6 guitars and they are all from japan and are quality copies and cost pennies.

    Anyway good luck. Playing guitar is one of the most liberating things iv ever taken up.

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