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    So I recently changed my description to being ic for some bladder issues, but I'm currently dealing with hemroids and doin things like sitz baths and suppositories and taking a softener. Im also eating healthier, by this I mean smothies, so as to consume more fruit and veg, I also ad in flax seed and potato starch and they tend to make u poop. This seems to be helping me with my hemroids, but some of effects are that I think Ive become more prone to accidents, like thinking ur gonna fart, but u in insteafd u mess urself. etc. I think I have had slight stress ic for a while cuz when I sneeze or cough I could have an accident, it just wasn't much of a concern until now so this combined result would embarrassing., I do wear diapers most of the time anyways but do u guys think I have a good medical reason for diapers for bowel issues, basically I mean do u think a doctor would see it that way.
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    You would need to talk to a Colon & Recital Dr to address this as a medical problem.honestly in my opinion and not a Dr. It sounds to me like a small change in diet and lifestyle will resolve the issues. You should also plan when seeing the doctor to have multiple procedures aswell as seeing a PT/OT Neurologists& physiatrist and psychologist long before any type of advice to wear diapers. No matter what you think or feel about diapers they are the last line of derense of "your quality of life" in the eyes of a Dr.

    I wish you well in your pursuit and desire.

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    Yeah I'm definitely seeing the dr. About my hemroid issues and I'm trying to eat healthier. They know i wear diapers for bedwetting and oab. Diapers have been my go-to way of dealing with the worry of having an accident when I'm out and about. So there's a big psychological component to it. Yeah I figured diapers are last line of defense in their opinion , but they're my first line of defense. I'm hoping that changing my diet will help the hemroids, so that I don't need surgery on them.

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    I hear you man I have raging roiss myself.but a lot of people have warned me that surgery is very painfully and in like 30-40 % of people it leads to incon. That's a big risk!

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    Yeah, that's why I'm trying to eat healthier, and see how that works, it's literally a pain in the ass when I can't do anything cuz I gotta sit in the tub 3 times a day when they're bad , and don't go away for 2 or 3 days, grrrr. They are internal so I'd suspect more risk of incontinence if I did need surgery. They gave my hydro cortisone cream since my insurance are ass holes and denied the suppository version. The cream doesn't seem to help , much and basically it's just an addition to the prep h and Epsom salt baths and the otc suppositories, and poop softeners I do. I realize I can't do a steroidal med long term. I've heard that surgery can be super painful and honestly I worry bout that more then possibly becoming ic I already worry about having accidents now, cuz of the poop softeners and more fiber I put into my diet.

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