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Thread: Re-introduction.

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    Default Re-introduction.

    Well, i should probably re-do this now i have the time to be using forums and such again.

    Just saying hey to you all, i was originally active in adisc when they still allowed under 18's to be members, and after almost a year of being allowed to log back into my account i have returned active again, granted i never really used the forums and only lurked in the IRC (under my old usernames AceFace/PrincessLuna).

    So...about me...

    Im heavily into the scene and emo fashion, everything from the hair, to the music, to the clothes. I play old school runescape, maybe a little too much, but it passes the time. I love going out clubbing when i have the time, and just generally socializing.

    Of course, im into what this forum is all about, mainly the little scene involving the use of diapers. But most of us here are, so thats not too interesting. :P

    I would appreciate it if people made sure to use feminine pronouns at all times, completely sick of getting he, him ect. when in games or forums. I identify as female fully, not a crossdresser or sissy or whatever so there is never ever any time it would be acceptable to use male pronouns.


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    Hi Becki,
    Welcome back. I remember you from when you went by AceFace and PrincessLuna, I have wondered how you were getting along. It sounds like you are doing well.
    Anyway, I am glad you have returned. I will look for you in the forums. Take care.

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