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    So, I know there is a ton of information scattered about these forums that will answer these questions, but for the sake of having them all in one place (aka, I'm lazy), I'm just going to post a thread with my questions.

    So my girlfriend knows about my love for diapers and not only accepts and encourages me to wear, but wears with me herself (although she's more interested in them being a tool for sex than anything else, but she does wear with me to be supportive). However, she just asked that I never actually used the diapers, or that I never had ones with prints.

    My go to diaper was always the Tena Slip Maxi. I like it, she likes it, I'm happy. I have like 12 bags stashed right now since they're not being made anymore, but I want some variety in what I'm wearing. I also like the Abena M4, so does she.

    I was honest with her earlier today and told her I wanted a printed diaper. She told me fine, she's just uncomfortable wearing one herself. I sat down with her and looked at every ABDL diaper website. Honestly…she said she would have loved to have worn the DC Amors if not for the design on the taping panel…she loved the pink. But, she told me the only one she'd be ok with me wearing are the Snuggies Waddlers.

    So, questions. I've heard that the tapes are completely horrible on the Snuggies. Given that these need to be somewhat durable, I'm just wondering from people who have worn Snuggies…are the tapes good or bad?

    Also, can anyone recommend any other plastic backed diaper that's any good? I know the Molicare went cloth, but how are the Dry 24/7 or the North Shore Care diapers? I'd like to try both and she's open to whatever isn't printed besides Snuggies, as long as I'm happy. It's a good compromise in the grand scheme of it all.

    So, any help on some of these brands?

    Thank you!!

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    Personally, I haven't had trouble with the tapes on the Waddlers (standard or overnight). I've seen enough complaints to make me think that they don't have all the bugs worked out on the overnights yet. I did have an angled vertical split on one that cut across the taping panel and a few others experienced just the same.

    So far, there's nothing in these that would prevent me from buying them again. I think the vast majority of the tape complaints have been with the overnights, and it's probably due to how much they swell. The standard Waddlers swell much less and have fewer tape complaints.

    As for other recommendations, have a look at Snuggies S.ex line or Bambino Biancos. Both are plain white and high capacity. I'm not a big fan of Dry 24/7 myself, and their tapes have also had a lot of complaints lately but they are a very high capacity diaper. I haven't tried the Northshore Care diapers. I probably will at some point but all the pre-wearing shenanigans that seem necessary to make them work right is a turn-off. There's also, but the lack of standing leak guards is a hard stop for some people. You might also want to check out: both for their printed diapers and the all white Rearz Inspire. I haven't tried this one myself but all the reviews of Rearz I've seen are complimentary. Good luck on your search.

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    Overnites are amazing. I created a thread about the tapes, see it for tips. I'd rate them a 9.5/10. Fantastic if you like diapers that swell up when wet

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