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Thread: Scene Kids and Emo's

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    Default Scene Kids and Emo's

    Just wondering if theres anyone else on this forum into the scene and emo culture/music/fashion?

    Always after more people to talk with who have the same interests in clothes and music!


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    I've kind of had a few interests in the fashion aspect of it. Not sure about emo music but I'll have to check it out some time.

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    EMOs ? That urban tribute is very ridiculous...

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    The fact your calling something someone enjoys ridiculous is ridiculous in itself, no? You dont see others going around saying something you like is ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazySmoker View Post
    EMOs ? That urban tribute is very ridiculous...
    For god sake were ABDL's. We should be the first ones to accept people society views as "weird" or "ridiculous."

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    I had a few friends who used to be scene kids but they sorta grew out of it. It never really bothered me except the ones on Social media. The ones who would always say: "No one understands me!" Nah we understand you're part of a bandwagon fad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamie1 View Post
    For god sake were ABDL's. We should be the first ones to accept people society views as "weird" or "ridiculous."
    Under my personal criteriums... Everyone can laugh of smething, why not ?

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    Emo is like My Chemical Romance,

    It can never die. It's not a band, it's an idea. <3

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    Emo kinda. I love the look and fashion but not the antics. My teenage years I was classified as a "goth" by most people but like the emo thing it was more diverse than just the base term. But that being said I understand their mentality and I really find them cute and beautiful. Most my crushes have been EMO boys or guys with similar traits.

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    I'm really into hardcore music. I've been to warped tour 3 times, and most of my wardrobe consists of emo and hardcore bands. I've seen pierce the veil, the devil wears prada, the used (my favorite), sleeping with sirens, I killed the prom queen, August burns red, Beartooth, Chiodos, Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, I see stars, Atilla, We came as romans, of mice and men, secrets, a skylit drive, while she sleeps, vampires everywhere, bring me the horizon, asking alexandria (with the new singer), senses fail, and a few I'm probably forgetting. I'd say I'm a bit obsessed.

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