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    I'm sure this has been covered on here a billion times, but I'm just curious who has actually had experiences meeting other DLs or met up with a mommy. My interest is completely a sexual fetish. I've always been extremely turned on by diapers and getting changed. Specifically plastic baby diapers. I've hid this all my life and thankfully have had a healthy sex life anyway. However as I've gotten older the fantasy never left me and only grew. I've finally got onto some of the forums and see there's plenty others with the same desires. I would love to just take a day, hang with another DL and experience that. Preferably a female. Would love to meet a mommy for a day and just let this all go. Who here has actually had experiences meeting other DLs, or actually found a mommy and met her, and was able to experience that? How'd you meet up? And was it worth it?

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    BigBlue80s, I see this question popping up about once a year or so. It is a very good question that -as I see it- needs attention from time to time. Please allow me to give my experience:
    Meeting persons in real life at a AD/BL meeting can create good friends. First, it mostly starts with emails and/or a forum and there you write something here and there responding to someone with questions about our fetish (as I do now) It already is *extremely* unique that we can do this. Before the internet there was absolutely no way to find out if you were alone yes/no. The only way to find out was the gigantic step to take by going into a sex shop big enough with a large collection of things, just to find out about a 'silly magazine' where you were able to see pictures. Often not at all a recognition in relation to my own desires…
    So, here we are. A giant leap forward -already!
    As beeing an AB/DL it is extremely complex to find a person that has a kind of 'match' with yourself. Everybody's fetish is very specific. I am one lucky bastard who found a good friend. Our fetishes are quite the same, DL only, but we have no sexual interests in each other. But we do have enormous fun, call from time to time (2 hour or longer calls) and we are able to talk about extremely personal things, world problems, traveling, etc. We even share how to create diapers, repair plastic pants, where and how to use them, etc. We do meet a couple of times a year.
    But before that we initially only were corresponding over email. After meeting at an AB/DL club for the first time we had this click. But we never found the AB/DL club interesting for us and we never went back there

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    Thanks for the advice. I know it's not the most appropriate post, I see that now. Just looking for feedback. Very new to the scene, not using this site for casual encounters or anything. I was definitely curious in regards to actually meeting others, or hearing stories. No matter how you word it or twist it, it sounds creepy which sucks. That was a risk I had to take I guess. Honestly opening up and looking into this more has me even more baffled and confused now. Did a lot of research lately on it, how it comes about. So misunderstood and unique, it's been hard reaching out to people. I feel like I'm at a fork in the road with it now, can I move on from it and lay it dormant..or embrace it and enjoy it every so often. I also realize this may not be the site for that kind of question, but thanks for stepping up and answering- i appreciate it a lot.

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    I have had success meeting up with and making friends with other ABDLs. The best way to meet others is to find a local munch and just get to know the people there. That's how I found the small group of ABDL friends including a local from the same town who is also an ABDL, something that I never thought would happen. I realize that I am extremely lucky to have found these friends and find people that I can talk about this stuff with and not only engage in diaper play, but also just hang out and do random fun stuff. That's what I'd recommend.

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    Totally. In due time I'll link up with some people, go to a munch- id be selling myself short not to. Thanks so much for the advice!

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    I would like to know if there are fellow ABDLs in Ohio sometimes I feel like I'm the only one

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    You see I would give anything to find another fellow ABDL but there's a part of me that refuses to go to local munches because I don't want to find my partner solely based on ABDL. If I go to a munch and fall immediately in love with a potential mommy that's great - but our relationship IS ONLY ABDL based and I don't think it'd like that. That's why its so freaking impossible to meet someone and then pray but come to find out they want nothing to do with your odd lifestyle quirk.

    Munches might be great to meet friends and find support - but actually finding a partner - I'd stick to conventional methods.

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    Same here actually. That's why I'm digging deeper into this now. If I had to choose one for the rest of my life between diapers and regular sex with a woman- I still pick the sex. Not really looking for a gf into diapers per say- if my future wife God willing is into that, jackpot. But chances are she won't be lol. Have had my share of relationships thank god. This was always more of a side thing. But as I've gotten older, not married yet- figure if I was ever gonna truly explore this, it's now or never, sort of. Sadly for me when it comes to this community though, it really seems like more of just a sexual fetish to me. A lot of people around these parts are so much more involved than that, don't want to insult those that actually proceeded to live this lifestyle permanently, and here I am just looking to fulfill a fantasy. Gave fetlife a look as well, but even there I feel there's a whole environment to it. It's more than just a one time deal thing. I almost feel now if I finally meet some people, and take it to the next step- then I'll truly know what my path is with this.

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    You see I might choose the exact opposite. Don't get me wrong, I am an extremely sexual person, but no sex is ever going to feel as good as being with someone who loves you unconditionally and offers her pure acceptance. We don't NEED sex to survive - we NEED love.

    If my future wife was asexual but accepted me and loved me unconditionally NOT being her would NEVER even be a question. Just because your wife may be asexual doesn't mean you can't achieve pleasure other ways (not with other partners)...

    Now if you were asking me to make the ultimate decision between an orgasm and a diaper for the rest of someone's life...Assuming my wife accepted me either way, I would choose the diapers, because again - for me the diapers represent a form of love that's truly infinite. Sex is a good feeling, and the pleasure for 10 seconds can be indescribable, but with someone the an ABDL level (to me) is deeper than any connection possible sexually. It's not just a 10 second wave a pleasure, it's a lifetime of orgasms WITHOUT THE SEX. Imagine that...

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    I've met only one other DL in person, and it was only because of a business trip out to San Francisco. (I was living in Virginia at the time.) She was a lovely person, and we had a nice time, but once you've delicately touched on topics that are more comfortable to discuss from behind a keyboard, we didn't have all that much in common. I've talked with people by phone too, but with similar results. I'm still willing and even eager to talk with other DLs, but we should all understand that talking with people with whom you have just one thing in common will limit the range of conversation. Or maybe it's me. Maybe others are willing to talk about nothing but diapers in detail for hours on end, but I guess I'm just more private than that.


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