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    I've been a diaper wearer, by choice, since I was in my mid-teens. Recently I've gone back to more of a binge portion of the cycle and have been wearing almost 16x7 (except nights) for the past couple months. Typically though, I only really use on the weekends and during the work week I just wear and make it last all day.

    I've noticed recently that I've been getting some odd sensations. Basically I will suddenly start feeling as if I am actually urinating. Enough so, that I will go and check (because I'd swear the diaper is full) but everything is bone dry. This will happen rather frequently and honestly I cannot tell the difference anymore between when I am actually going and I am "convinced" I am going.

    Just curious if anyone else has ever had this sort of sensation? I do know that some times there is a small dribble coming - because at the end of the day the wetness indicators are starting to smudge a bit - but I'd swear up and down there is a puddle under my chair when it happens.

    I've done some searching and the only thing I find is where some pot-smokers have said when they get high, that has happened to them... and no, I am drug free.


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    There was a thread about something similar to this recently:

    I don't think some of what you describe is outside the norm. Cheers!

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    Hi, there, bnet! I've had similar sensations since I was a kid. In fact, my parents took me to the doctor because of it. The doctor ran some tests told me there was nothing wrong with me, I was just very sensitive. It's always been an issue with me and it's one of the reasons I find diapers so comforting. It's a very distracting sensation, and it feels like I have to struggle to hold the pee in. Diapers just help me "let it go" so when I get that sensation I don't have to worry and can go on with life. For me, the sensation often increases with fatigue and stress. If I don't get a diaper on, I know I'm headed toward an accident or two.

    You might check with your doctor if it is too worrisome, as such a symptom can be an indicator of a urinary tract infection, especially if it is new and not something you have experienced. Perhaps first try being undiapered for a bit and see if the symptoms continue. If so, probably time to see a doctor. If your symptoms go away when not diapered, it's probably just your body "letting go."

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    I feel that way often, will feel like I am peeing big time but nothing is really happening, not sure what causes it, some times I will be peeing in my diaper and will strongly feel like I am still peeing way after I really stop peeing.

    It does feel like you are flooding the diaper

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    I have also experienced these sensations a while back and they went on their merry way after a while. I have no idea why they start in the first place.

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    I haven't had what the OP describes but I have had the false sensation of urine either running or dripping down my leg when in fact there was nothing more going on than a very minor dribble into my diaper and no leak whatsoever. Although it doesn't happen very often it scares me every time into thinking that I'm having a leak. I can only guess that the warm urine is activating a nerve up in my groin and that is giving me the false sensation. Has anyone else had this "false sensation"?

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    Yep had that the other day, I could feel the stream hit the leak guard for a few seconds then felt like it was runing down my left leg. I was sitting in the car at the time and could not pull over to check for the next 10 minutes I thought I had a real problem.

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    Thanks everyone - it's at least comforting to know I may not be going 100% crazier. My guess is I'm just still in the "excitement" phase of wearing for so long and probably just over sensitive - almost like daytime hallucinations. I've noticed though, oddly, they are less common at home and more common at work - so it could be a sense of fear driving it as well.

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