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Thread: New to cloth diapers?

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    Default New to cloth diapers?

    I am new to the cloth diapering world and want to get a pair to try it out. I was looking around and like the looks of this but I do not know is that all I need besides the pins? How do you put those on and is this the best product there is I cant spend much more then that I can spend a little bit more. I am so confused and need help? Any suggestions on the best cloth diaper to use would also be helpful. I prefer to stay on amazon though.

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    Personally my favorite diapers in cloth are the angelfluff ultimate 3 .yes they are a higher priced diaper but you absolutely get what you pay for. Jeanie and Howard own the company and Howard is incon in a wheelchair and tests every design long before it is ever available on the market.with the use of all cloth diapers the use of rubber or plastic pants are required. I cań not tell you anything about folding or pinning as mine are all custom made to my body with Velcro closure as I only have use of my left arm. Since you need rubber or plastic pantsplease do not buy an AIO. They are a bad investment always. Also bear in mind that buying cloth and pants one at a time will be a lot more expensive than buying multiplies.any further question feel free to ask!

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    My favorite cloth diapers are the prefolds from Changing Times Diaper Co (same construction and fabric as those sold by Rearz). They are, put simply, adult-sized baby prefolds. The manufacturer (Ashar in Pakistan) is the same one that makes the ubiquitous Green Mountain baby prefolds, and several other well-known brands. Good stuff. Changing Times also sells plastic pants and other waterproof covers, which are a necessity for most kinds of cloth diapers--except for pockets and AIOs. For pins, I use Dritz-brand baby diaper pins, and have found them to work very well.

    Baby Pants diapers, like the one you linked, are also available from the Baby Pants web site ( Like Changing Times, Baby Pants also sells plastic pants, pins, etc. Their prefolds are probably my second favorite. If you go the Baby Pants route, definitely go for the twill weave or the gauze weave. The Birdseye, at least in my opinion, has a somewhat unpleasant texture. But then I'm picky that way.

    Tetra mentioned Angel Fluff. I haven't tried their fitted diapers, but I have to say that I don't much care for their prefolds--very thin and very expensive for what you get. I have to wear two of their nighttime prefolds to achieve the thickness of one Changing Times prefold, and it's not like the Changing Times prefolds are super bulky or anything. Some of the other Angel Fluff diapers are flannel, and while I haven't tried them, I *have* tried the Babykins flannel prefolds and concluded that flannel just isn't a great diaper fabric. The tight weave hurts the absorbency, and makes it difficult to use alternative fasteners like Boingos and Snappis. You'll notice that very few actual baby diapers are made of flannel, and there's a reason for that! The only things it's got going for it, IMO, are that it's available in prints, and that it's ultra cheap--which, I suspect, is why the North American adult diaper makers use it, and is also why their sky-high prices are so hard for me to justify. In short: I've found the imported diapers to be almost universally superior to the "domestic" diapers, while also being much cheaper. sells USA-made gauze weave diapers, though, and I think those are alright. The stock dimensions are a bit long and narrow for my body type, but custom sizing is available for more money. My only real aversion to AdultClothDiaper is that the gauze fabric doesn't quilt up like some other gauze weaves do, and I have a real "thing" for that quilted texture. Functionally, they are fine diapers.

    As for folding: If you go with prefolds, look up "angel wing fold", "newspaper fold", and "jelly roll fold", to name a few. Folding and pinning is old-school, but I like it. A little practice is required, but then taping disposables requires a bit of practice, too.
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    I'm relativly new to cloth nappies as well, I first purchased one back in 2013 and since purchasing I've prob's only worn it 5 times a year...tho that's for a period of one single night. There was a time earlier this spring when I carried out quite a long spell in the one cloth nappy I own. I ended up with a bad nappy brand (they were either plastic-backed and not-so-good at absporbing or cloth-backed - which are even harder to trust!) and needed a soloution. Yes it was spring but spring 2015 for us here in the UK was surprisingly warmish and double-disposable-nappy bulk would have been uncomfortable but at that time a good nappy was needd - i was battling stress over some revision (very long story) and even tho I though it'd never happen I'd ended up in the possishun of being at risk of wetting the bed due to stress and stress alone. It had hapened twice for real already but the nappy in use at the time had been of better qual'...waste not want not though and I wanted to get these not-so-good nappies out the way, however I needn't breathable leak I employed my cloth nappy! I doubled up one disposable and my cloth nappy for about two weeks - until the bad brand ran out - & it was quite an experience! Both the thicknes & the breathability wer fntstc & I became really good @ pining it on, another great thing as well - it was always the disposable making genital-contact, the cloth-nappy just went on top so I never had to wash it! You may be feeling a bit grossed by [email protected] admitance but shower regularly & you can get away with wearing the same thing to bed for quite a while. Aside from one very small leak during the two weeks - a leak (or at least the stain) which disappeared after one hot shower rinse - the whole safty-laced expericence worked and worked for me (if [email protected]'s ndrstndable). Yes I've never been some1 who wets a cloth nappy often - tho its an ambition - and yes 95% of the time I'm a DL drawn to disposables not an AB drawn to cloth (those seem to be the most common pairings - DLs to disposables, ABs to cloth), but you are entering a world that it is nice to try at least once! bms

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    I use the All Together Diapers, night weight gauze and I like them a lot. They are a little high and lacking on the width, but the size small works on my 32" waist. I use baby diaper pins and I pin them corner to corner. You have to use plastic pants with them, so I use the Leakmaster high back plastic pants, which helps with this style diaper being somewhat high or long, when laid out flat.

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    Thank you to everyone who posted and is trying to help me figure out the best options. Unfourtantly I just found out that I lost a ton of money due to unforseen problems. I guess I will have to wait to get this for another few months. Sooner or later I will be able to stop pushing this back and actauly get a few supplies. I had $100 set to buy supplies but school comes first. I will continue to monitor the thread though if you want to keep posting what you use and what you believe would be the best option for me. Again thank you for helping me, I was born in the mid 90's so cloth is not something I have ever tried.

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    You might want to try flour sack cloth towels. These can be bought at WalMart as well as other stores. The ones that I use are bought from a local convenience store. You can also find them on line. Just Google flour sack cloth towels. They are very similar to gauze diapers but if you plan to wet you would have to double them up. The size is about 35x38 so they should fit most waists. You will also see from Google that mothers have been using these towels for their babies as well. The towels cost only about a couple of dollars each so not a big investment.

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    If I have to go in a rehab or nursing home, I am going to use the disposables during the day, but will try cloth at night for a short time depending on what they use at that facility.

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    I still live with my parents and washing cloth diapers would be a problem. As soon as I move out to my own apartment I will definitely get some cloth diapers. I will propably get AIO's because I love the look of them.

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    AIO's are great, I've been wearing them since March. I was a bit hesitant on the double tapes but they are very snug and the doubler pads make the diaper thick enough to feel secure.

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