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Thread: What was your first stash?

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    Default What was your first stash?

    We all started somewhere, and some of us started with little to nothing, or a lot to work with, what was your start like?
    Personally my first stash was (if I remember correctly) some generic brand (most likely depends) disposables.

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    my first stash is still hidden under my bed. a bag of attends and iD slip super. a total of 42 diapers. i almost got caught by my mom while waiting for the delivery. my order was delayed for one day and it ruined my master plan, that i worked on so carefully. but i still got the diapers (:

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    I started off with one disposeable absolute worst pullup XL, when I wear a small. I never used it and wore it like 5 times. Now I have like 5 Abena S4s, roughly 10 M4's, 20 Tena Ultras, 3 generic awful 'pullups' (but I seriously think sandpaper is more absorbent than these.)

    I really wish I could fit into ABDL diapers because then I'd have triple the amount of diapers.

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    My first stash was a diaper called Nightingale. Terrible absorbency looking back. Of course, it was only Extra absorbency, and did little for my bedwetting problem at the time, but it got my already diaper-curious mind into full-swing. I got in trouble for using them during the daytime one time when my toilet was busted back in middle school, but they didn't know I was into diapers at the time. Nightingales are awful diapers. Mine never fit me, actually, so I had to wear them in my undies. That changed after I started getting super plus pull-ups and proper Depends. Unfortunately I haven't worn proper or had a stash in over a year. I actually gouged at a few free samples, and I'm hoping to get a stash of some adult baby printed diapers soon. I wish my awful first-time stash worked out better.

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    My first stash was four cases of attends ( 20+years ago they where great diapers) today they have gone completely off the chart from quality to OMG)

    MY GF loves the fit and wears them currently. And changes 1an hour.

    Also these days every medical supply company exclusively sells two garbage diapers and nothing else so you have to be resourcefully and net wavy to get a decent one.

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    My first stash consisted of Curity-brand cloth diapers that had, only a few years prior, been used by my parents to diaper my sister and me when we were babies. They'd been kept around as rags, but most never saw rag use, and ended up stored in a box in the garage--which I raided. I wore those diapers consistently from about age six to age twelve, then started buying Pampers with my allowance.

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    My first stash was a package of Depends with Tabs that I bought at the local supermarket. Really nervous going through the checkout but nothing happened (no looks or small talk).

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    My first stash was a variety of diapers that are bought in stores. I had goodnites, drynites and depends if I my memory is correct. I hid them all in a bag that I hid under my bed.

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    I got my first pack of diapers when I was 15, it was a pack of Large GoodNites, the pack was aqua green color and they were awfully too big for me at this time (I was so skinny when I was younger, I had a 5 point car seat till I was 7 but its another story) following this, I got size medium that was a little bit better but still, finally I got some Huggies Pull-Ups and they were perfect for me at this time of my life. How I wish I could have same waist size now I'm at around 41"

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    I actually started with a bottle, but since this thread is diaper-specific, my first stash was just a pack of GoodNites.

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