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    What does everyone think of garywear diaper covers? I got mine today from northcoast so far I like it. Though wishing I would of got the next size down. Think it would of fit better on me.

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    THey're fantastic. I have 3.
    And I agree that they do tend to be a little on the Baggy side. But my thigh size dictates that I stay in the size I'm in (XXL). I use them regularly for night wear as well as to muffle the sound of crinkles if I'm wearing while out and about. Super super high quality product.

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    I love Gary and have spent months creating and buying a custom pattern so I get exactly what I need just by ordering my pattern number and quantity needed.

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    I bought a pair of Gary plastic pants at Christmas. Two months later there was a rip in the side rendering the pants useless. They had a cute baby animal design on them too... :|

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    I very much enjoy them. I have 2 pairs of the garywear active wear diaper cover and I ordered a third which is on its way. I would agree that the back/butt area feels a bit too big. Actually, it does not feel too big it is just that I would have preferred it more tightly fit.

    I would suggest you make sure to look at the sizes before ordering down. My first ones are just a tad to small in the thighs but the rest of it fits comfortably. Then I ordered the next size up and my thighs fit great and it still feels very nice all around.

    My only issue is that I have to wear my pants very high to cover the entire diaper cover, but I can do that so it is not too big of a deal.

    I will definitely buy more of them.

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    I bought some a while ago and like them. They work as intended and are the only waterproof covers I consider worth purchasing. They are sturdy, waterproof, and leak resistant.

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    I have a pair of Garywear active, and it works very well and is very comfortable. I would recommmend them.

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    I haven't had very good luck with Gary plastic pants
    they don't lat very long

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    Quote Originally Posted by wetatnight View Post
    I haven't had very good luck with Gary plastic pants
    they don't lat very long
    Plastic pants take constant care if they are to last. Every time I wear mine, I wash them while I'm taking my shower, using dish washing detergent. Then I thoroughly rinse them and hang them on a plastic hanger to dry. Any kind of oil such as the oil in your skin will deteriorate the plastic. Baby oil of baby cream will accelerate the deterioration as well.

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    And I wouldn't put them in a dryer either.

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