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    Nearly 4 years ago Kelly Thomas, a homeless man in California, was beaten to death by Police Officers. The ordeal is documented on YouTube if you have the propensity or heart to view it.

    (The sound is faint in the beginning but the audio is rather clear after a minute or so)

    This incident took place on July 5, 2011 and Kelly succumbed to his injuries and died on July 10 while never having regained consciousness.

    Kelly suffered from schizophrenia and was a well-known homeless local.

    The video shows him trying to comprehend the officer's orders the best he can while the officer threatened to do bodily harm to him. A few seconds later there are multiple police officers on top of him, beating him while he repeatedly claims he is sorry and cannot breathe.

    He is carried away on a stretcher after a 9 minute struggle; a struggle where he was fighting for air.

    The documented case and articles are found here:

    I post this for two reasons:

    1) How far do we go to get help to those suffering from mental illness?
    2) Is this case a common example of individuals sworn to protect and serve the general public?

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    There's plenty of others that have been documented and you can see plenty of other cases such as this, even from non-mentally ill victims. Some of it is not even racially motivated. The police organizations need to do some mental checks on their own representatives. Before people start to fear and try to protect themselves against them. I can see a grim future if things like this persists.

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    The was a big article in The Washington Post a day or two ago on this very subject, the mentally ill being killed by police. I think it's deplorable.

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    It is, regrettably more common among law enforcement than it should be. For a variety of reasons, policemen are sometimes people who are very aggressive and do great harm to some of the people that they're meant to protect.

    The question of how far we go to help is a difficult one. Would you lock a man in a hospital because he won't stay for treatment of his own free will? I would in some cases, in particular if a person is not merely a danger to themselves but a threat to others (e.g., severe schizophrenia with hallucinations). But that is a hard decision to make. How much of your own money are you willing to dedicate either publicly or privately to providing aid for the weak and the ill? How do we even make sure that the people who are trying to help provide services that actually help? All very difficult questions.

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    clicked the link, followed more links and.......... don't really know what to say without going into lengthy details about this and that.
    but, seriously, shooting someone seven times at point blank range? yep, as with some of the commentary i watched, there's a problem with the militarizing of police and policing in the US; too many potential officers are watching SWAT fantastical tv ("it's a war, out there") and growing up absorbed in and then being trained to adopt military attitudes to policing.
    that said, such things can be regarded as the flip-side to an increasing emulation of gangsterdom by many young people who're absorbed in popular media (even if they don't get invovled with gangs, they still adopt the associated speech, dress and manners and then moan about being hassled by the police).
    you can see that with both sides of this coin, they each adopt the thinking, the speaking, the manners and the dress of their side.

    to be honest, it's a tired subject, with the government, media and parents all to blame over the years. but, it is still shocking to see the nitty-gritty of it all coming to head.
    luckily, i found this youtube poster:

    anyway, as with one thing leading to another, this is a general post on police brutality and social brutality because it's hard to see how one hasn't begat the other.

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