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Thread: Operation Imminent lol

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    Default Operation Imminent lol

    Well, the day has come, my Stoma operation is tomorrow. Friday 3rd July

    Don't know the time yet obviously but I have to be there at 0700

    Here's hoping that it all goes to plan. They are doing it keyhole surgery but they still estimate I'll be there for 7-10 days because of all the other complications (illnesses and disabilities)

    Hopefully I'll recover quick and be allowed out after 3-5 days which is the average normal patients' recovery time lol

    Wish me luck ?

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    Good luck with your operation hopefully your recovery will be smooth and quick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob110 View Post
    Good luck with your operation hopefully your recovery will be smooth and quick
    Thank you hunny *hugs*

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    I work with someone who had that surgery and all went well. Good luck.

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    Definitely wish you good luck and all the best for a speedy and uncomplicated recovery!

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    Best wishes, gentle lady. As soon as you are able, please let us know how you are doing.

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    Good luck to you. Those things are scary to me. And I hope you get better really quickly too.

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