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Thread: New Bambino diaper?

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    Default New Bambino diaper?

    I was looking through the Twitter feeds of various diaper companies earlier and came across this from Bambino:

    It's been quite some time since Bambino has come out with a new design. I wonder if that's what they are doing or if they are just carrying another brand. Anybody have any inside info?

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    Mmm...I don't know anything about it. Commenting so it'll be in my news feed, & I can follow

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    I'm waiting to see an announcement as well but nothing as of yet

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    They tweeted that last week, so we should know something by Saturday!

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    "the most advanced all plastic diaper"

    I wonder does it tape itself up?
    Does it vibrate or tell you when it needs to be changed?
    Does it have laser beams?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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    I'm hoping for the laser beams, personally. That would be awesome. But I have to say that I'm surprised at all the excitement over a "moderate absorbancy" diaper. Normally, folks here are all about maximum absorbency.


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    I think people are more excited of the possibility of yet another ABDL diaper to choose from. Even if the absorbency is nothing more than "moderate", some people put a lot of emphasis on the look and feel. I'm very curious and can't wait to see what they unveil!

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    Actually, with plastic-backed Dry24/7 and Abena M4's only available in extremely high absorbency, there is a place for a moderate-absorbency plastic-backed diaper.

    On the subject of lasers, if you haven't seen the light show yet, try changing your diaper in the dark. Under the right circumstances you might get lightning! (Or at least tiny electrical arcs that create light visible when everything else is dark.) Maybe not as cool as lasers, but you can try it out while waiting for Bambino to announce their new features.

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    they were due for a product refresh, they came out with the bianco, teddy, teddy rev2 (flop), bellisimo, and then refreshed the teddy pretty rapidly, but then have been silent for awhile. should be interesting to see what they come out with. (probably something pink, sounds like the next logical progression unless they're going to "reinvent" their existing lines)

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