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    I personally don't watch much TV. But there are a few shows I'm absolutely addicted to. :D What shows are you guys crazy about?
    For me, it's Bad Girls Club on Oxygen, and I lovee Noah's Arc on Logo. n.n

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    I like:
    ~reno 911
    ~family guy
    ~blues clues
    ~little bear (I think that's the name anyways)
    ~ and anything else on nick jr., or movie channels

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    I usually just watch whatever is on at the time... which at this time of year is the Cricket.

    The only show I go out of my way to watch is South Park. Seen every episode, own some DVDs... good stuff.

    Other than that, I don't mind watching:
    Lost (yeah, sue me)
    Looney Toons
    Two and a Half Men
    Big Bang Theory
    Lie to Me
    Captain Planet
    The Movie Show/At The Movies with Margaret and David (local show)
    Pizza (local show)
    Top Gear

    ...and last, but certainly not least

    IRON CHEF !! :chef: (Japanese one)

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    I don't have a TV licence, so I very rarely watch TV (one can legally watch TV on online as long as it isn't live).

    The shows that I do watch are:
    American Shows:

    Never Mind the Buzzcocks.
    Live at the Apollo.
    Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (if anybody good is on).

    Channel 4:
    Derren Brown.
    The IT Crowd.

    Fun stuff:
    Invader Zim.

    Family Guy.
    The Mighty Boosh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    I don't have a TV licence
    I have to ask... you need a tv license?! 0.0 sounds kinda crazy

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    I watch a lot of TV shows, but rarely when they broadcast. I download most of them in a less legal fashion. Since most American shows air about a year (or more) later here, I think it's somewhat justified. Some of them don't air at all. Shows I keep up with on their American air-schedule are:

    True Blood
    The Big Bang Theory
    The Simpsons
    American Dad
    Family Guy
    South Park
    Robot Chicken
    My Name is Earl
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Some of my favorites that has stopped airing new episodes that I still watch are:

    Invader Zim
    The X-Files
    Six Feet Under

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    I stopped watching TV for about three months, and only just now started again. there was nothing really interesting on television, plus I had to study and stuff for school because I had a hard semester.

    I usualy just watch the Outdoor Living Network, with travel shows like Departures being my favourite.

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    In order from most-watched to least-watched:

    -Everybody Loves Raymond
    -King of Queens
    -Still Standing
    -Real Housewives of Orange County/New York
    -Project Runway
    -Family Guy
    -King of the Hill
    -The Simpsons

    That's all I can think of right now.

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    a few types of sci fi, movies or series, Lost included
    married with children
    a lot of history channel
    robot chicken
    comedy central for the stand-up, specials and a few movies
    spongebob makes me laugh but there haven't been any new episodes for a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedbabygirl View Post
    I have to ask... you need a tv license?! 0.0 sounds kinda crazy
    Yep! Every household that has a TV (or something that can get live TV, like a computer, but only if you use it for that) has to have a TV licence that costs 139.50 ($200.20) a year.
    (The money funds the BBC, which doesn't have any adverts unlike other channels, and it gets most of it's money this way (the rest of the money comes from selling programmes to other countries)).

    Unfortunately my little university room counts as one household, and so most students don't buy one until they live in a house with other people to split the money with.

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