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Thread: Getting Married?

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    Default Getting Married?

    Getting Married?

    So I was thinking about this...

    For a couple that are both into diapers more of a daddy little girl role.
    Would you get married in diapers knowing that most of your family is going to be there? Lots of hugging, people helping fix your dress, dancing and ect...

    Or do you think maybe you should just wait and diaper up for your wedding night with that special someone?


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    I did get married in a diaper. She made me wear pants over it, but I had a diaper on the whole weekend.

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    I myself personally if it was allowed, I would wear to the wedding but if it was not, I would at least wear during the wedding night after of course the "facts of life." took place LOL hopefully whoever marry will be accepting of me wearing in the first! Certain people will not except the lifestyle and that is their choice.

    other than saying all that and going into a big rant! really choice is between the two of you. hope this helps.

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    I would totally let my little wear a diaper to our wedding if he wanted to.

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    I didn't wear, it felt like a more personal thing that I wouldn;t want to risk exposing others to on such a huge day (for both of us).
    I did get to buy some little stuff with some wedding money though ;]
    It was the one and only time I will ever justify the cost of Aww So Cutes

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    This really can only be answered by the couple being married. What do they want as part of their special day?

    Wedding dresses vary so much that some could hide a bambino Belisimo with a couple boosters while other dresses would not hide an Abena. For more discretion, "sissy pants" (not sure of another name) may be worn over the underwear of choice. Some of those have so much ruffles and lace, would be hard to feel a diaper underneath. Fluffy underskirts or petticoats will add even more layers to hide the diaper. The fear of others noticing may be made null.

    The bride may wear diapers under the dress without anyone knowing. The question is if the couple would like to do so, or wait. Given how hard it is to get into a wedding dress, how long it may be worn, and how hard it may make restroom use, diapers may be a practical idea for other reasons. May I suggest an all white one?
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    At the very least it's an interesting idea. Sounds like it could be cute.

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    Assuming you wear the correct clothing to hide the diapers, I don't think during the ceremony there would be any problem hiding the diapers. However at the reception (if any) could be a different situation. I have been to several receptions where the bride and/or groom have drank a bit too much and started to loose control. That's a great reason for wearing a diaper but not a good idea if you want to keep the diaper a secret.

    In any case, it depend on the people and activities planned. Only you can make the determination.

    Good luck!

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    It depends.

    I wouldn't wear during the ceremony, I just wouldn't feel comfortable. Plus, I'd want to be focused on my partner and the ceremony, not the diapers.
    It might be fun to wear during the party afterwards, especially if any of my ab/dl friends were there with me.

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    That's a good question, lol.

    I guess it would depend on my future Wife's or Husband's acceptance of me wearing them.
    I've seen some complicated (big, poofy, flowing, ect) dresses make make it almost impossible to manage the bathroom on your own.
    That's what bridesmaids are for, lol

    I could definitely see the upside to wearing one though and if my partner wanted me to wear one I would.
    I mean think about it, if you think one bride is bad then two could be total chaos, lol.

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