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Thread: A Visit to NorthShore.

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    Default A Visit to NorthShore.

    Today, I had the pleasure of visiting the warehouse. It was much bigger than I though it was going to be. I was driving a car rental to Chicago and was low on supplies. They were in the area so I decided to order for a pick up. I haven't ordered from them before and I've been wanting to try their in-house diapers for awhile. I also picked up a pack of the 2xl booster pads. They opened the door and I gave them my order number.

    They had a small display of products near the front door. It was a shelf you could only dream of finding in any other store. Everyone was nice and helpful. They even held the door open as I walked out. They put everything in a plain box. When I opened it later that day, they added a sample of their cloth backed versions. What a great company.

    Anyone else able to visit any of their favorite retailers? How was your experience?

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    I've never physically been there myself, but I do know from experience that NorthShore has by FAR the absolute best customer relations/service of any company in the market. They are really great people. They've gone out of their way to help out with an order on many different occasions, and every time I come away wishing more businesses were like them.

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    That's awesome! I've always wanted to visit a warehouse like that!

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    I can vouch for Northshore's great service, too. I've never bothered to look for another online retailer because they do such a great job. They even sent me an unsolicited sample of heir (new) Northshore Supreme and I liked them so much, I placed an order.

    There aren't any suppliers around where I live that I know of. Because of a friend's recent mishap in which she broke her leg in two places(!) I went to a medical supply place to get her some things. They had some adult diapers that I never heard of and the quality appeared to be awful. As much as I'd like to find a medical supply store with a great selection of diapers, I don't think there is such a thing.

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    Love the company and their house product. Both are excellent

    Would love to visit the physical plant at some pint but alas, I'm half way across the country.

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    I'm fortunate enough to live right by the Wisconsin/Illinois border, on Wisconsin's side, fairly close to Lake Michigan, so I'm lucky enough to live less than 30-45 minutes away from the NorthShore warehouse you're taking about, and also one of MedLines very large warehouse/factory's as well, near Vernon Hills, Illinois.

    NorthShore does indeed have great customer service. I emailed them about 2 months ago asking about their new supremes, and requested a sample of them, and they were awesome enough to send 2 samples each of both the supreme and the air supreme. Hands down the best customer service I've ever experienced from any company
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    I'm in Wisconsin as well, and I've ordered diapers from them at 5pm and gotten them by 3 pm the next day. With my purchase, they included samples of their in-house plastic-back diapers, 2 each of the mediums and larges.

    The only thing I don't like about their customer service is that they (or, more likely, their online ad company/Google ads/ Ad sense etc.) will absolutely bombard you with online banner ads. It has something to do with a browser cookie, so it's not hard to delete cookie or browse with the "private" or Incognito setting turned on, but if you forget, it could be an embarrassing or hard-to-explain situation.

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    Ohh wow. I'd love to be able to visit their warehouse one day. Sounds really cool.

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    The Northshore Supreme is my official diaper. I'd love to visit the warehouse, jump into a giant pile of them and make Diaper Angels all afternoon!

    And pick up a case, of course

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddySmurf View Post
    The Northshore Supreme is my official diaper. I'd love to visit the warehouse, jump into a giant pile of them and make Diaper Angels all afternoon!
    gonna guess they'd say no to that one

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