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Thread: Random, irrelevent question.

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    Default Random, irrelevent question.

    What's with signing every post? It's a forum! Everyone already knows who said it.

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    Dear Candyman,

    so you can pretend it's like writing a letter.


    p.s. this post was by krebstar

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    The formality of it?

    I think I've signed my post twice since I've been on this site.

    Once for my introduction when I first joined on TBDL, and this one other time when I made a really heartfelt post. *shrug*

    Yeah, I don't see why, and I think the people over on TBN had a thread about people signing their posts here!

    But hey... it's doing no harm, right!

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    Maybe so they don't forget who they are?

    doesn't hurt me. I could care less. It' a bit weird, but so is wearing diapers.

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    lil' Chuckie says: Signing one's posts can give a person a memorable factor, a uniqueness! Like Danny with the ninja thing.

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    I assume it's something like using a different font, or a different colour for your posts except less subtle (well, I wouldn't call some of the colours in use subtle but that's a different matter).

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    I never sign my posts unless its for something inspirational or dramatic. The urge could come from emailing frequently, because they require you to be more formal than forum talk. As for me, the people I deal with through email are mostly adults, so I am obligated to show respect. If I didn't, I would't be popular in my Council.

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    Other wise you might become disillusioned and confuzzled about who is really sending the message


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    You know, there's a reason they call that little space on the bottom of posts signatures. Can you guess why?

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