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Thread: ABU Selling the Pampers scent again

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    Default ABU Selling the Pampers scent again

    Wow. I am in heaven! Can't wait for that familiar Pampers aroma to fill my room! Do you live it or hate it?

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    I love it, it makes me feel so soothed and helps me think I can still fit in baby diapers.

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    This is a really dumb question but I must finally ask about this scent. I have never had it put into my diaper orders. Was this exact scent actually used in the traditional pampers (esp. late 80's?)

    They say scent is indeed the strongest trigger for memories-- I don't even know if my old pampers had a scent. Maybe someone can confirm this?

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    I have never tried this myself, but I remember reading a lot of negative comments about the scent (basically old abu just slipped a stripe of this scent into packages. curious to see if it's better with the new abu.

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    Is it just me or is this just "dryer sheet" smell? Can you just select the right dryer sheet and stick a few in your diapers overnight to get the same effect?

    And I know I've seen the scent oil for sale on ebay and on a few ABDL storefronts. (it was kinda expensive iirc, on par with decent perfume, which is basically what it is)

    The dryer sheets might be more cost-effective?

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    The oils you see online are not the same. Those are the more modern pampers wipes smell. The strips are certainly the 80s Pampers smell...if you are old enough to remember

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    Yeah I put an order in for a pack Wednesday, I also tried the new small size for a more snug fit. Was hoping it would come yesterday for this weekend and it didn't! Damn haha. Have to wait until Monday. Only ordered once from them before. Intrigued by the scented ones though.

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    I still have a couple cases of Abu cushies with scent from a few years back...

    Rarely wear them as capacity isn't great...

    But the smell it is very good, I keep them in my closet, and even after a couple years, they still have the smell...

    Wish they did smell on 24/7's...that would be Awsome!

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    My 10 pack came today- the small is actually, pretty small lol. Was looking for a little bit of a snuggier fit than the mediums. They still fit nicely though- obviously I'll make due. Just the look amazes me. The scent definitely reminds me of pampers from my day, hits the spot. Funny because the scented strip is very strong initially when you open the pack, but once you take a diaper out, definitely has that scent. Between that and the print, it's definitely a great option and very enjoyable

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    Adding baby powder has the same scent for me.

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