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Thread: What does it mean to wear 24/7?

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    Default What does it mean to wear 24/7?

    Hey everyone! I haven't posted in a while-- I joined ADISC the year it was founded in 2008 and it's still cool to see some old regulars on here.

    Well! Here's my exciting current scenario: I've had a couple roommate friends in my double-bedroom apartment for the past 5.8 years and the last one just moved out on Friday. I've decided to stay at this apartment cause the price is very comparable to other single-bedroom apartments. I work remotely from home so I have 100% personal living freedom, so of course the thought crossed my mind: what if I were to just "try" wearing 24/7 for a little stretch?

    That thought was last Friday evening (about 5 minutes after my roommate left)... and I've been padded since, muhahaha...

    To you, 1.5 days might not be much to brag about It's all I got, BUT, I don't know all the rules (if they exist) as this is simply an experiment as much as it is a joy & fetish. So my first couple questions to those who consider themselves a 24/7 wearer with no medical excuse:


    To call yourself 24/7, where do you draw the line? e.g.: do you prohibit yourself from all use and all flushing of toilets, or do you allow yourself to void in prudent scenarios where it would make practical sense (like between changes?

    Second, how long have you gone without even once breaching your policy?


    Unfortunately, after my next Bambino I am out of diapers so this test may need to be halted for three days. I've got an expensive new 12pk sample of Rearz Inspire on the way that should be here on Wednesday. I can't go three days on one diaper though and it wouldn't make much sense to go buy some crappy store ones in the meantime.

    Look forward to hearing your responses & MORE questions may come!

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    I don't think there are rules - it's your preference.

    When I've gone for stretches of wearing (longest being 3 days), I always went #2 in the toilet. Otherwise, all in the diaper.

    You need to do what you're comfortable and happy with.

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    I'd say i been 24/7 for the past 6 years. I don't normally poop in my diapers, unless it's a true accident in public, like when I know I won't make it to the bathroom or when my body doesn't like somethin I ate, but these situations are rare for me. Over the past 6 years I've realized that I've got a bit of overactive bladder, and in the past 2 years I've had bedwetting issues but my and while it's not at a point where I dont medically need them all the time the certainly make my life way easier. Not having to look for a bathroom or worry if I'll make it I'd I'm riding the bus. I've learned that being 24/7 u go thru 2-3 diapers a day so it's important to be realistic about the quality of your diapers. The best bang for ur back is definitely abena, personally, I wear m4 mostly but I also do dry 24/7s. I've got a constant stash of both. I. Ant ever justify going back to depends. U will also find that u need to use baby powder and protective creams on a regular basis to. For me wearing diapers is just routine for me now, it's still fun, but I love the freedom of wearing diapers all the time.

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    There are different ways of doing it that make intuitive sense to me. Like with many things, it's a matter of preference. At its most basic, 24/7 means you're wearing all the time when not bathing, airing out, or engaged in an activity that reasonably prevents wearing. If you're not in a diaper, you're just between them and it's not likely to be far off.

    Whether you use them or not is up to you, although I wouldn't bother if I didn't use them. If you use them, it's again up to you how. For me, it's pretty much all the time, although I occasionally will use the toilet during a change for convenience. Someone more committed than me might see that as disruptive to the whole experience but I'm the one paying for the diapers, so it's my call.

    As for how long, it's currently a moving target. I'm 24/7 right now and haven't quite gotten sick of it overall. This is my longest stretch so far, and it's 48 days. I expect I might go another week or two. I don't find them more comfortable or convenient than underwear, so it's more about the feelings that pushing myself to do it create. I can see that I'd manage if I had to wear all the time but I think it would be less fun and I'm wary of dampening my enthusiasm, so to speak.

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    Deciding to go 24/7 is a big step if you don't need them medically, if you are not going to use your diapers for their intended job you could get a way with 2 diapers aday. But if you use them you could be at least 3 to 4 per day and that's using premium Abenas of Dry 24/7's.

    I wear 24/7 for an OAB and our estimates for the cost this year will be about $2200 to $2400 and that's 3 to 4 diapers aday using Abena level 4 premium diapers

    If your prepaired to send the cash then going 24/7 won't be an issue just remember to keep extra diapers, cream, wipes in your back pack

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    I have severe urinary urge incontinence and have been wearing "24/7" for the past 25 years or so. Since my incontinence is strictly urinary 99.999% of the time, I use the toilet for bowel movements. I also sometimes go without a diaper if I'm at home with just my partner or by myself, situations in which I can get to one of the three bathrooms in our house in under two minutes when an "urge" strikes. But when I go out of the house for any reason, when anyone other than my partner is in the house, and at night, I'm always diapered. That's what 24/7 means for me.

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    For me, I would consider 24/7 an extension of how I would wear diapers during an extended time such as a long weekend or vacation. My rules would favor toilet use, minimal cost, minimal hassle, and discretion. I hate #2 cleanup and avoid it as possible. I routinely pee in the toilet even while wearing a diaper. It just depends on circumstances. If I want to wear a clean diaper all day, I just use the toilet like normal and avoid changing. I drink enough water and soda to go every hour or so and can fill a Dry 24/7 fairly fast. Using 4-5 of those per day can go through my supply quicker than desired. For wearing in place of underwear, I like Tena Flex Maxi. They are not good for heavy wettings, but wear well all day.

    Given how flexible my rules are, not really any way to break my rules except put on underwear. Not sure how long I've gone. Probably a couple weeks. For me, it is more about fitting diapers into my life as appropriate than testing limits. It was never about about how long I went, but what my day was to be.

    Given your work and living situation, you may decide something more structured. Diapered 24/7 means just that: wearing diapers when possible 24/7. Every diaper user will have an individual preference and pattern just like no two incontinence sufferers are the same. Some have a method to "air out" while others stay padded. Find what works and go with it. We cannot call it wrong. Just make sure the diapers, changing, and cost does not get in the way of work or life.

    Best of luck on your decision.

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    I have been in diapers 24/7 for decades.
    Not an issue for me.

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    Little angry side note (vent): I just lost about 20 minutes of what I just wrote because I went to click on an additional "Reply With Quote" and my original "Reply to Thread" form vanished at the bottom. It never used to be like this at ADISC-- RAWR!! Here goes againsadfgsd!!!

    Thank you everybody for your feedback so far.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremiah View Post
    Just make sure the diapers, changing, and cost does not get in the way of work or life.
    This is literally my primary concern because I know it will. In fact, it was less than two days of 24/7 and I could tell it already had and would continue. But maybe some would argue that once you get used to it, it's not as much of a concern. Is this to say that being used to something means it is any less of a hindrance to their life?

    Every time you need to wet, one or more of these three thoughts/distractions must cross your mind:
    1) Should I go all-out full-force or in intervals this time?
    2) Based on the use, should I keep sitting, stand, lay on my back, or lay on my stomach?
    3) Is this one going to leak?

    Then comes the time your diaper does leak (or you stop to change just in time). We all know the procedure of this operation: untaping/rolling/disposal, wiping & drying off, then the whole changing ritual. Even if you're a professional diaper changer (as many of us are), this is clearly one of the largest distractions; it's a break from work and if you consider work life, then life too, (whilst promoting dehydration if one wants to limit their number of changes).

    Plus, how many times in a given day are you distracted of your focus in a cute little moment where you remember you're diapered? Those moments sure add up, requiring one to resituate & recollect their focus. The minutes of distraction in addition to the changes and wettings quickly turn to hours of distraction.

    And I requote:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremiah View Post
    Just make sure the diapers, changing, and cost does not get in the way of work or life.
    Jeremiah, my question for you is "how can it not?"

    Going 24/7 seems to have unavoidable implications that will clearly "get in the way" of anyone's life. That's a sacrifice many don't deem a sacrifice due to the pure nature of sparking their fancy.
    Last edited by Boyhood; 29-Jun-2015 at 09:46.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boyhood View Post
    Jeremiah, my question for you is "how can it not?"

    Going 24/7 seems to have unavoidable implications that will clearly "get in the way" of anyone's life. That's a sacrifice many don't deem a sacrifice due to the pure nature of sparking their fancy.
    This is a personal questional with a personalized answer. How do you define "Get in the way"? You seem to define it in a more literal "takes time and money" sense. I was using more of an "interferes with work performance, daily activities, and reasonable budget" type definition.

    Can you sit and focus on your job for the required time without the diapers taking too much time away? In my previous job, depending on my schedule, I could wear Bambino Belisimos or Dry 24/7's some days and diligently type away at my desk without an issue. On days requiring me to work away from the desk, diapers were too much of a distraction, would have kept me from doing my job, and could not be worn. Work is more important than diapers. You need to figure out how much distraction and time you can afford to put towards diapers while you are working. Can you make your work performance equal or better while 24/7? If so, awesome! If not, can you afford this?

    Daily activities are those things required for you to be healthy: eating, sleeping, personal hygiene, and socializing. These should always be more important than diapers and 24/7 should never be found constantly preventing these things from occurring daily as needed. Diapers may influence the schedule, could add extra stuff like powder to the personal hygiene, but should not get in the way of them occurring.

    Cost is a part of my list. We both know diapers cost money and you only have so much money per month to spend on food, rent, utilities, entertainment, savings, and diapers. I could care less what percentage you spend monthly on diapers even if it is 90%. All that I ask is that rent, utilities, and food is allocated first and diapers are purchased as the final expense covered. My estimate for me to go 24/7 in my favorite diaper would be $180 to $225 a month for Dry 24/7's. This is 1.8 to 2.1 cases per month of diapers used. With this much money involved, your life will be impacted. I just ask that it not get in the way of higher priorities. If your current job covers all of these costs and plenty more, stock up on the nice diapers and enjoy.

    Going 24/7 will require some changes, some adjustments, and some diaper rash ointment. We both have enjoyed limited experiences of going 24/7. Like you said, there are no real sacrifices to going 24/7. I just feel we should watch ourselves to make sure this one part of our life does not cut too deep into other areas. I hate those red lines when the diaper is taped on too tight.

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