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    I'm terrified my parents are trying to separate me from the best thing that's ever happened to me. They are trying to keep me from my soulmate. Furthermore I am panicking my dad is trying to send me back to hospital where he thinks I belong. I keep having conversations one after another with doctors and it frightens me to think he is plotting to send me to the hospital.

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    First of all you must be very stable being paranoid showing signs of in stability can do that.
    I dont know your back ground but if you have been in the hospital then you have a history.
    The best thing is not let things upset you you must show that your handling your self very well.
    Our minds can some times play trick's on us.
    Take care.

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    You will have to give more information than this. I see that you are 25 years old and you are scared dad is doing something with the doctors. You have medical rights unless you signed them away or you aren't telling us something. But biggest point is your 25 why do they have a say?

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