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    So, the past day or so I've been having minor leaks here and there. I've never had any issues before, and was never a bedwetter growing up. I have been having other health problems lately, which I got checked at the doctor yesterday. Everything came back negative, so they could find nothing wrong with me.
    I am a DL, and I stay diapered at night most of the time, but always wake up dry, so no problem there. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I'm sort of stumped, so any input will be greatly appreciated.

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    are you dehydrated or constipated? it might be related. when you went to bed did you bump your head? i'm glad you're not dead. though you might be leaky and it's kind of freaky, i hope you get better soon! ;-) /silly mood i guess

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    Have you seen an urologist or just a family Doctor my OAB started with a few minor surges (leaks) but quickly grew to full floods. I have been having to wear 24/7 for the past 7 months and now pee with out warning most times.
    Get checked by an urologist they will do more detailed tests, they are a bit uncomfortable but are worth it to see what's happening inside. I have to say watching the video while the camera was inside was interesting to watch.

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    OAB is usually secondary diagnosis of the main issue. What is causing the. OAB?

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    That was the only diagnoses, the urologist was really pushing the blind med test group. We realy got an uneasy fealing about his pushing the test group and I have been dealing with my issue with just diapers. I now wet more often per day but it's ok so have come to terms with having to wear 24/7.

    My family doctor keeps asking how I am managing and has not been pushing me towards the meds.

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