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Thread: Black Fabine diapers

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    Default Black Fabine diapers

    Just had a look at the fabine website and the black and original fabine diapers are due to arrive in August. Definitely going to try them out again!

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    Gees a diaper that will finally be appropriate for all ocassions Black? Whoop hoo

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    lets hope they use black tapes this time... those white tapes on black... have they no sense of fashion??? That like toootally clashes!

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    This is kind of like Apple's Macintosh computers, for years they were always beige or platinum in color, but then they made a black mac and... It crashed and burned, let's just hope that part dosen't happen to fabine.

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    I don't see the appeal imo... A black diaper? I could see it being used for some BDSM stuff, since a lot of BDSM gear is black, but that's about it. Other than that, eh.

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    I like the look of those. Will have to get some and try them out. I got some pink ones from DC armor but the artwork on them is a little big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kornholyo View Post
    Are they making them in any other size beyond medium?
    They have it twice like the other diapers, i think they just made a mistake and one of them should L

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