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Thread: My thoughts on abdl (and being a new mommy)

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    Default My thoughts on abdl (and being a new mommy)

    If you're new to the abdl lifestyle (like I was) I just want to share some of my thoughts.
    When my boyfriend first told me he wore diapers, I was open minded and asked honest questions. I didn't judge him and I was genuinely interested. It never bothered me and I actually enjoyed when he started wearing them around me, not only was I happy he felt so comfortable to share this part of himself with me, but even then I felt a maternal adoration for it. I have since enjoyed wearing diapers myself and we love to shop online together and try out new brands (we're loving the Snuggies right now!). I've always enjoyed putting a fresh diaper on him, and when he's wet it; I've enjoyed changing him; it's such an experience to use baby wipes and powder to make him all fresh again. While diapers have been mainly a comfortable thing for us; we've employed them in our sex life and that has also been really awesome.
    Not until this last week had AB came up as something that we felt the need to give attention to.
    After communicating his feelings and mine on it, we opened up the AB doors and have since slowly started digging deeper to letting out his inner little. We enjoy dry breastfeeding time every night, and it's really so relaxing and amazing for both of us. We bought a pacifier the other day and after breast time he gets his paci for bedtime; or when the house is empty I'll let him have his paci. Giving him a bubble bath and washing him and playing with him in the tub (with the bubbles and foam soap) is so adorable; and I love that I can experience the inside feelings he has; and nurture his feelings to regress and find his inner child.
    Today we're taking a trip to BabiesRUs and getting a few things that we want, and we're both excited.
    We have little time every night and love it.
    As far as the relationship; we put our relationship first and it's a very strong one. Our sex life hasn't suffered at all (most women's fear I bet) in fact, the openness we share for trying new things, and the fact that we can both 100% "be ourselves" has done nothing but make our sex life amazing in ways that are hard to describe.
    I am unconditionally in love and embrace everything about my boyfriend; and the little inside his heart.

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    Great experience. I hope both of you keep each other closer than ever

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    I think its amazing that you have been so open and willing to try not just new experiences, but one as different as this one. If only everyone was like that, what a better world this would be.

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    Hello Mommy

    It is so great to see someone not only accept this "odd thing" lol but to also embrace it as fully as you have with not only being a mommy to your BF but to also come to wear and enjoy them as much as he does.

    The world definitely needs more Girls (and Boys) like you!

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    I wish this and others posting like this were in a article like place so when a girl friend or mommy .
    That's looking for answers for the first time they can find post that show how it's going.
    This is a very postive post .
    I would like a stickies on posts for first timers to find that help them find answers.
    That have been posted as a support to them .

    For many they come in shock when told .
    Dear wives and girlfriends chould you please post your feelings and the good things that you have found .
    With your participation with this with this subject.

    Thank you for voicing your feelings we need more of these ,

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    Yes, I agree with all of the above. This is a great post and we very much appreciate your open mindness to understand the abdl lifestyle.

    And, of course, we are glad it is working out well for for both of you.

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