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Thread: Shoe's on the other foot now..

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    Default Shoe's on the other foot now..

    A bit of personal info,
    I was never to much into AB/Lil since I always assumed I could never get a caretaker. I eventually succumbed and fashioned myself a caretaker, I found a Little to take care of and me and her were very happy together. I was her Daddy and she was Daddy's little girl.
    After some unrelated personal stuff, she desperately wanted to mother someone. This stretched to me before I thought of letting out my Little side.

    Then we started; she very much enjoys being Momma, and I her Bug (She mis-typed "bud" and it stuck). We enjoy cuddling and bits of age/roleplay throughout our days from time to time. She even surprised me with a paci!

    So the lesson to be learnt, never give up hope, or at least find some other joy.
    I still get to he Daddy once in a while after all.

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    Very much so! I don't see many switches in the AB community, let alone a switch relationship.

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    Sounds fabulous, I hope you both continue to find fulfilment in your roles....which ever way they go.

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    Like any trip, just enjoy the ride and let yourself go hehe

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