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Thread: Lucid Dreaming, have you tried it?

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    Default Lucid Dreaming, have you tried it?

    Lucid Dreaming "Being aware that you are dreaming with in the dream world" I have been practicing lucid dreaming for a couple of years now with no success. Mostly just lazing off. Has anyone ever had any success with it? Please share your stories. One time I got Lucid and made the weather change from rain to snow. It was pretty epic. Lucid Dreaming is pretty awesome if you know what your doing.

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    I tried MILD for a while. I've not had much success either. However, I did manage to develop the ability to remember most of my dreams. I still keep a dream journal to this day for those very memorable, emotionally stirring dreams. Some people just don't have the ability to do lucid dreaming. Others can learn it, and still others are able to just do it like its nothing.

    I wish you luck in your continued endeavor. It isn't easy!

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    I don't think I ever tried it, really. Although I do sometimes remember my dreams, and have a bit of a dream dictionary, although sometimes when I'm just getting to sleep I can control them then, but in a deeper sleep no.
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    I tried it, but lost control in one to point it became recursive. as in every time i tried to wake up i would just wake up in the dream. Scared the crap out of me, and I havn't treid doing full lucid since. I do alot of times set some type of plot/idea to dream about tho before going to sleep. Sometimes it works sometimes it dosn't. I've never tried a dream journal. Tho i probably should try it.

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    Gave it a legitimate try when in school and it was the big thing. Never really felt like I had much success. I definitely remembered dreams, but I never felt like I was really consciously in control of them. At best, they were slightly influenced by what I focused on before going to sleep, but even then, it felt like they ran their course and I was looking back at what had happened rather than remembering what I had done in the dream.

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    I'm a cigarette smoker, and I keep trying to quit, albeit with no success so far. When I'm trying to quit, I wear nicotine patches, the 24 hour kind.

    Boy do you have some lucid, freaky dreams with those! I find myself going to bed earlier while wearing them, as there's no urge to smoke while asleep, but also just for the sake of the dreams. I've never had what you would class as a nightmare, but had some vivid dreams with unpleasant overtones, as well as some great kick ass ones as well.

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    I actually have lucid dreams fairly often...though NEVER to the extent wherr I can manipulate or control any aspect within them. For me, its usually just a matter of becoming aware within a dream.

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    I've been able to control my dreams on rare occasions. Usually they take a life of their own. Most of the times I don't remember them but I've also had some very vivid ones, often reoccurring dreams.

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    I have been trying to lucid dream for two years. I was successful exactly one time.

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    Update to my post a couple of days ago regarding wearing nicotine patches. Yesterday was day one of my current quit campaign, so I wore a patch for the first time in a couple of months. Last night I had the most amazing and vivid, if not exactly lucid dream.

    In it my ex wife was wearing a diaper. This was weird as she never indulged in diaper play with me, nor me with her, and I currently have a girlfriend who does. So why I would be dreaming of my ex instead of my current is weird to start with. But she was wearing a cloth diaper and we were just cuddling. Suddenly out of nowhere a pacifier appears in her mouth, and she starts softly sucking away on it. I asked her where it came from, and she said she had just bought it to try out, and asked me if I'd like to try it. I agree, and she passes it too me, and I notice it has two teats on it for some reason.

    Now while this is happening, I realised I was dreaming but could not have any control over what was happening. I popped the paci in my mouth, and suddenly I was wearing a disposable! I suckled away, and we just cuddled and she was gently stroking the front of my diaper as we lay there.

    I woke up with my arm around my current girlfriend, spooning from behind. I have not woken up in such an aroused state for years. I actually thought that I'd had a wet dream, which hasn't happened for over 30 years, but I hadn't.

    Can't understand my ex's presence there though, that makes no sense, but it was so intense and amazing!

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