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Thread: several years without diaper

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    Default several years without diaper

    I've gone several years without diapers fighting the urges due to some personal reasons i've posted before and i just bought some molicare super plus. I don't have them yet but i can't take it anymore i need them bad. Should i give in or try to resist longer, sorry for the analogy if it offends but i feel like an alcoholic locked in a brewery, what do you guys think. I'm kind of ready to forget the past and be who i am, a DL.

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    Why resist? You admit that want & need them, like many of us do. Diapers aren't a "mainstream" fetish, & AB/DLs aren't a "mainstream" personality type. But once you go beyond mainstream public consciousness, we are pretty common.

    Don't try to repress what you are & what you want. Just don't let it take over, and you'll be ok.

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    Unlike being an alcoholic, wearing diapers is not likely to negatively impact your job performance, your driving, or anything like that.
    In fact, the release of letting yourself be who you want to be might positively impact some things.

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    No matter how long you "resist", you wonīt be able to simply forget about this part of you.
    So you either live the rest of your life desperately trying to ignore it, constantly thinking "Hm, padding would be nice right now", or you just start realizing that wearing diapers is a form of relaxation for you, and thatīs perfectly fine. As long as you donīt dedicate your whole existence to it.

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    I had quit for over 3 years felt like I had killed a part of my self not happy sad.
    So now I wear when I want .

    We all do something to feel good some spend money some drink and for that matter some eat chew nails.
    Did you know that 60% of men have tryed girl panties hmmmm they must like the feel too.

    Shhhh dont tell but some of us wear diaper's .
    They feel good to some of us .
    So I guess it doesn't matter that some shhhhhh of us like our pampers at all just as long as we are ok with them.
    That's all that matters and that's the trick you being ok with your self.
    By the way we here wont tell if you like them too.
    All the best
    We are still nice persons

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    You have a harmless fetish. When the need for diaper arises - use them. It will make you feel better and calmer. Resistance will only make you agitated.

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    thanks for the thoughts, i think like Foxkits said "wear them when you want" is the key. i'm excited about getting my molicares but i'm still nervous about getting back up on the changing table. i'll try to wait until i want them not need them, if that makes any sense. thick plastic dypees ,oh my, it's like santa is coming with a truck load of dypees and you just want to dive in and come out wearing a whole bunch of them. thanks again, i feel welcome here.

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    Watch out for binging and purging now. When you feel guilty and want to throw your new Molicares away, just put them out of sight in your closet. Don't throw them away.

    When you feel that way, try practicing some mirror work. Look yourself in the eyes, and say out loud: " I love myself, and accept all of myself. I am deserving of this love. Diapers and all. I love you _____ (your name here)"

    I try to do that at least a few times a month. Nothing like self-love instead of loathing.

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    Due to social pressure I gave up diaper for six months. Finally, I had to buy. I too had thrown away my stash. Huge and EXPENSIVE mistake. Bambinos are more than $2.00 per diaper. But now I am comfortable again and have 21 ABDL diapers. I wear when the urge arises. Only a few times a month. But I need that. Love yourself like others have said. We all question our ABDl sometimes because it is so stigmatized, harmless though.

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