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Thread: Lactation tips?

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    Question Lactation tips?

    Do any gals have any advice on how to induce lactation? My little has been suckling nightly and we're hoping to induce a milk flow.
    I've read online a few articles, but didn't know if anyone had success with it, how long it took to induce. I've had one child and at the time had no problem with a milk supply, so I've read that inducing should be easier.

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    The general consensus seems to be that once-a-day nursing just won't do it ... you need multiple nursing sessions daily, or a breast pump that you can use every couple of hours.

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    Fenugreek might help but nursing multiple times a day is better. We tried to induce after many years and found that once a day just wasn't enough. If you're able to use a pump, even better.

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    If you search Induced Lactation, you will find a lot of tips on how to get started. As said above, it takes dedication and continued effort, but those who have done it really enjoyed it.
    Those who have done it say it takes about two weeks to get going.
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    I induced lactation without pregnancy (for non ABDL reasons) with no stimulation outside of a breast pump.
    I pumped four or five times a day and produced TINY amount of liquid ... It was clear and thick and sticky, but doctors told me I was on track and that as normal, getting that far took several weeks.

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    Although I have no experience I'd like to believe that the bond you create helps induce lactation.

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    There are herbs that you can also take that will help.
    To induce lactation also there have been men that have taken herbs when their wives have died that could nurse their children.

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