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Thread: I think I'm beaing blackmailed....

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    Default I think I'm beaing blackmailed....

    Hello, me again. I'll just cut to the Chase, I told my brother my secret, and now he's threatening to tell everyone if I don't "respect him" Which considering what happened in the past, I kinda lost all respect for him, not that there was much to begin with, but nowadays I don't want anything to do with him, and he kinda scares me, Admittingly. Still I don't want anything to do with him now, and I don't know what to do.

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    The definition of blackmail: "the act of getting money from people or forcing them to do something by threatening to tell a secret of theirs or to harm them"

    I think for it to be blackmail your brother must have evidence of your secrete.

    your brother might just be threatening you and not go threw with the threat he has made in the end, but i don't know what your brother is like.

    All i relay know about blackmail is that it is a criminal offense in the UK.

    sorry if i couldn't of been of much help, i don't know how to help someone who might be being blackmailed.

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    Knowing the problems you've had, or said you've had with your brother, I'm surprised that you would have told him, giving him more ammunition to make your life miserable. I think it's time to stand up to him and tell him to fuck off. So what if he tells. Deny it it in a way that makes him look bad. Simply say, I don't even know what he's talking about, but I guess he must have picked this up from the internet. Maybe it's something he's interested in. Put it back on him. The best defense is a good offense.

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    Yeah, you could always own up to it in a sarcastic way if there is no evidence to the contrary. But you would have to be calm, so I'unno. Still, you should be very wary of who you tell and don't do so lightly. I'm really good at playing the |: face and have found it works pretty well when someone is trying to embarrass you in a mean kind of way. I wouldn't get too aggressive, though you could act completely unfazed - I find that bothers people the most when they are trying to get beneath your skin.

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    This is one of those, don't worry times. It is a so what go ahead. Years ago I was outed by an ex-wife and a job that I had. I was out all over the place to just about everyone I knew and didn't know. Noting bad happened, I am still alive, I lost no friends. Stand up to your brother and show him he can't rule you with information. You will feel better about yourself in the long run.

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    The blackmailing issue aside, you mention earlier that your brother scares you. Firstly, I know absolutely nothing about either of your or your brother's lives other than what you said, so if I'm looking too much into this, I'm very sorry. If you legitimately do not feel safe being around your brother, you need to look after yourself and talk to somebody about this, whether it's a family member you know you can trust, somebody at school or work, or even the police. If he's a simple low-life whose only joy in life is to try to hold a secret about your personal life over your head, that's one thing. If, however, he's unstable to the point that you're concerned for your well-being, that's another far more serious issue altogether, in which case you've got to do something. But you have to be the one to make that judgment call.

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