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    So I'm pretty sure I'm a babyfur. I really like pretending I'm a kitten. House cat, tiger, panther, just about any member of the cat family. I recently got to express that a little on a ski trip with my youth group this past weekend. I Found a tiger ski mask and wore it while skiing and stuff and pretended I was Super Snow Tiger Lizzie! Haha but yeah, anyway, I was kinda wondering where some of the best furry art is and if there's a place that sells costumes and stuff for babyfurs

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    Well, as for the art: Browsing Artwork -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    For the costumes, there's Welcome to Pawstar! which has lots of hats and such to browse from. They don't have paws or anything yet, though.
    For paws/tails/etc, you can check around eBay, or google it.
    Great to see another fur!

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    Jade is great, so is Tavimunkart, and a bunch of others : )

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