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    so i know there are probably a few of these lying around but i cant find one. So my question is this what websites are there that are cheap for diapers in the uk cause im looking to buy some for a total of under 20. ive seen ageuk and incontinencechoice but i dont know of any others. I'm looking for 20 or more diapers for under 20 including p and p. and my size is medium for most diapers. im 5' 8" 160lbs/ 11st 6lbs and have a 32" waist.

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    Try Gompels, i got a case of there medium plus nappies and have been impressed with them, certainly the best value nappies you don't have to buy several cases of at once to bring the cost per nappy down.
    they also do 3 postage so you could get 40 nappies for 20 inc vat & postage which is pretty good imo.

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    Nappies r us , incontinence choice , amazon, save express ,ABDL shop

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    Try Cuddlz. I'm not sure about prices but they are based in UK.

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    thanks for all the help but on the bugdet i have so cuddlz is a no no like 19 for 16 excluding p and p. I want the most padding THAT IS RELIABLE for the most part. ive been in irc and i queried about these and they saw no issues with the company so what doyou guys think buy 2 packs 56 diapers for 20 is a great deal

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