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    Have Lilles become strictly cloth-backed? Or are the plastic-backed still available?

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    it would seem you have accidentally double posted
    regardless as a user of Lille I can confirm that they only make cloth backed disposables now
    the only thing that Lille really has going for it is the price at least in my opinion Ive had a leak or 2 and despite the price being noticably higher for other brands the security I get is worth it

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    Lille Supremes have been cloth-backed for a looong time. Like 4 years now.

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    You might be interested to know that Lille, Euron and iD are all brands of Ontex Healthcare. iD "Expert Slip" are still available with plastic backing, might be worth a try. Euron Form (if you can find any with the old 90s looking logo) are also good.

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