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Thread: Memories of stained pants

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    Default Memories of stained pants

    There's a "Do you poop" thread on the DL forum that has jogged some memories for me and inspired this thread topic.

    I remember quite a few times from childhood where I didn't actually have a poop accident, but obviously didn't take the time to wipe properly, if at all, and suddenly it's bath or bed time, I'd get undressed, and find my underwear badly stained.

    My younger brother did it to occasionally. When we were little we often bathed or showered together, and we would undress in the bathroom, and his knickers would be dirty.

    I remember mum used to hate it! She would get so much more upset about us not taking the time to wipe properly, and would be madder than if we had a real accident.

    There's something very little about having dirty pants, even if you haven't had an actual accident.

    Anyone else used too, or still does find unexpected surprises when they get undressed?

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    I've stained my pants many times in the past week alone with all sorts of things. Paint, cheese, soda, milk, some blood from when I accidentally cut myself, I think it's time to wash em!

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    I did stain my pants a few times when I was younger. I can clearly remember one afternoon I had an accident in my pants in my underwear and I was found out a few days later when my mom was doing the laundry. I remember being really embarrassed when she came out a showed everyone.

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    My own Mom was always getting after me for having poop stains in my underpants, even when I was in my 40's in age.

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    I have big time constipation problems and therefor have bad hemorrhoids as well as a recital fissure. This causes me to find large bloodstains in my diaper.that worries me far more than loop stains

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    I had a few accidents when I was young. They were both very embarrassing.

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    Don't recall ever noticing or caring about stains of any kind. If my mom had an issue with it, whatever she might have said left no lasting impression on me.

    I do remember an odd related incident from around age 10 (old enough to wander around town on my own, but definitely pre-puberty). Playing near my friend Leonard's house on the other side of town, I suddenly had to go #2 really bad. Of course I froze and tried to hold it. Leonard was a few feet away, but wasn't paying attention to me at the moment. Despite my best efforts, I felt something escape. A hard, ping-pong ball sized turd escaped my underwear, rolled down my leg, and popped out the bottom of my jeans. I sidled away casually as I could manage as the urge to poop eventually subsided. Don't recall when or where I eventually managed to answer nature's call. Only that little vignette remains stashed in memory.

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    Some of us are built deferent if your harie down there the brown stuff stick to the hairs for me.
    I can use a hole role still have streaks found shaving and baby wipes work best for that.
    Lol must not be a big boy then cant keep my pants clean :-)

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    Of those kind of loss of control, I remember two separate instances.

    The first one was when I was a prepubescent child in the school teaching the basic knowledge. T' was the time to get in line to go back to our aulas, but I was in desperate need to expel my urine, as I paid not attention to my urge. I had attempted, with gestures and words, to persuade the nun in charge of my group discipulorum to let me march forth to the washroom. The nun denied me and, as I was stepping on the stairs, the need had more power than will over me, causing me untold feelings of shame.

    The second reported accident took place once in the school that is transit between the Elementary and the Gymnasium/ Liceum. Stricken I was by Dysentery, but (alas!) I was of the opinion that my bowels were going to not turn liquid until I was in appropriate place. But they did not and, with atrocious pains, my bowels became liquid on the way to my abode, creating rivers and cascades of faeces that flowed out of my subligaria onto the ground and my boots.

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    My younger brother had a spectacular accident one day. I would've been about 10, him about 8.

    Mum took us to the pool. We wore our swimsuits under our tracksuits, and took our towels in a bag, and caught the bus. It was only a couple of kilometres from home, and we planned to walk home and stop at the shops on the way back. After our swim, we had a shower and proceeded to get dry and dressed. My brother had forgotten to pack dry underwear, and mum told him to just "go commando" and put his track pants back on. Before we left, he seemed to consider using the toilet, but didn't like going number 2 in public toilets, so decided to hold on till we got home.

    We started walking, and not even halfway home he started complaining about needing to go. There was a gas station near the shops we were going to, so mum said she would take him there. We got to the first group of shops, and there was a toy store we liked. Being a weekend it was closed, but we wanted to look in the window. Now apart from him complaining a bit, I don't recall any outward signs of distress. He wasn't jumping around or fidgety at all.

    We were looking in the window, and he suddenly made a whimpering sound, grabbed his butt with one hand and basically exploded in his pants. He must have swallowed some pool water, which had in turn given him a case of the runs. A bad case. He must've squirted a continuous 5 second wet fart as he stood there with a red face. The smell was horrendous. We were both wearing black track pants and flip flops, and it even came out the bottom of his pants legs on to his feet.

    He started crying straight away, and mum had to calm him down. It was to big to take care of in a public bathroom, so we would have to wait till we got home. We walked to the shop she had to go to, but made us stay outside in a next door park area. Even with black pants on, you could tell what happened. She ducked into the shop while we waited in the park. Suddenly he said "Not again" and another burst hit him, and he wet himself a bit as well this time.

    When we got home about 20 minutes later, I was sent inside while mum switched the hose on and made Sean undress in the yard to be hosed off before coming inside!

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