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Thread: Heartless?

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    I don't know. "This video is not available in your country."

    Now this is a guess, but I think YouTube actually did me a favor there!

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    It's all right. His music is tolerable. I prefer the LMFAO remix of Love Lockdown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    It's all right. His music is tolerable. I prefer the LMFAO remix of Love Lockdown
    YouTube - Love Lockdown [LMFAO Remix]

    Wow I looked it up expecting some kind of crappy meme-filled remix but it's actually pretty good! Haha thanks Pojo

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    Kanye West is okay. Not on my favorites list, though. I don't like Heartless, but I really like Love Lockdown.

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    I like Stronger more then this song...
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    I can't form a opinion about the song since I can't understand a word he's saying, he's nearly as bad as ozzy talking. I am not making fun of him for it I am just stating its hard to listen to a song when you can't understand anything the singer is say.

    Someone needs to make a rap song translator.

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    1. It's rap
    2. His voice is computerized over.

    Double nono. At least it's better than soulja boy.

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    Kanye West, he's an overly political mediocre rapper. most of his stuff is way too cookie cutter for me. He isn't even on my list.

    edit: oh and what is with the Jettisons in the background art.

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