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Thread: Does anyone remember the crib

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    Default Does anyone remember the crib

    I remember my crib when I was very young.
    it was a wooden crib with pink and blue ball on the top of it and had a picture of a sheep on the end of it.
    I have a memory of lying in my crib and looking at the ball up at the top of my crib :wub:
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    The only reason I remember my crib is because my brother had to sleep in it after I grew old of it. It had white railing, and it was really tall (to me at least). Could never remember it in the detail you did, though.

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    the reason I remember the sheep on the out side of the crib is because my sister use it when I was 4.

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    I do remember mine, it had white railing, made of metal and I remember it because I used it as a bed in my early years

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    Yeah, it was made of polished wood and was bought brand new in 1991 shortly after my mom found out she was pregnant.

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    I remember mine, but vaguely. I was adopted at the age of two, and I remember my first bedroom. I also remember when I went from crib to my first bed, which is how I remember my crib. I remember that my dad painted my bedroom robin's egg blue, and I remember the headboard of my new, single bed, because my mom called it a Hollywood headboard. I think my crib was one of those old, wooden ones. I can remember her lowering the rail and getting me out in the morning. I can also remember being changed because she yelled at me one time. She said if I didn't stop squirming, she'd accidentally stick me with a diaper pin. Everyone used cloth diapers back then. Now, I still try not to stick myself...teehee.

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    I have vivid memories of me in my crib. Wonderful memories.

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    I can recall the color (gray) and general construction of my crib (old style drop-down sides) but only because my sister (5 years younger than me) also used the crib. I have no direct memory of my crib.

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    I really don't remember my crib or anything about it. I am pretty sure it was most likely to be wooden because usually most cribs from the 80's were plain and simple wood! I think I found the old motor to my crib mobil. I think it was an animal one too. I will try to find the motor again.

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    I remember it well. I had to sleep in it a few times after getting my big boy bed due to guests. Even though I was a just a little kid at the time and I threw a tantrum about having to sleep in the crib, I was already deeply divided internally.

    My parents kept it around in the shed and I set it up a few times as a young teen. It was sturdy, white wood construction with a metal spring framework that was inserted to support the mattress. It creaked and sproinged in a scary way when overloaded with my weight. I don't think there was much risk of collapse but it still made me nervous, particularly when my ears were already perked to catch any sound of my parents coming home early. Good times as a young ABDL superspy!

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