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    It's been a long time since i wore a diaper for at least 8 hour. Well i did Saturday starting a 7 am. I put on a l4 cloth back which the tapes sucked big time. Right out of the box had to use duct because they did not hold. I went for a ride in my truck to get some 110 octane gas for my high compression engine in my hot rod. I go to an out of the way truck stop that sell it cheaper then the local gas stations.(worth the drive when saving at least 15 bucks a trip) There where a bunch of truck drives there and a young female cop. No one noticed anything they were all taking care of there own stuff. I told the cop to have a nice day. After that i just stayed in my room and the enjoyment just stay on.
    I enjoyed it a lot for most of the time i am busy with the home life and it's not possible. I think i am going to try this more often. I really soaked it good too.

    Sorry if i am rambling i don't post much but this is the only place i post.

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    I do this from time to time too. Sometimes I will wear for a good 24 hours straight...maybe 2 diapers in that time period. It is fun, and no one ever really notices anything. Everyone is just so busy doing what they need to do they're not looking for incognito ABDLs. Glad you had fun though!

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    Try wearing 24/7, 365 days a year, the fun wears off, but in my opinion it is still better than "having to go to the bathroom" and actually using a toilet.

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    It's the best. I often do diapered weekends where I don't allow myself to use the toilet at all from the time I go to bed Friday night (or get in after work) and go until Monday morning when I take my morning shower. It's wonderful, timing pooping is hard though as I don't wanna ruin my diapers prematurely...

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    For those who are not incontinent, moderation and discretion are two things to keep in mind.

    If you wear diapers in moderation, they will be there when you need/want it for comfort, convienence, or genuine protection, but you remain in control of your bodily functions and the times you can wear will be more enjoyable.

    If you remain discrete, everybody else could care less about whether you are wearing a diaper or not. You may get the occasional stare or the rare question, but with a cool head you should be able to shrug it off.

    The hardest part will always be breaking the ice with those that are an integral part in your life. Honesty, but holding back on the things that make them uncomfortable is the best policy.

    I would also caution any non-incontinent individual of the dangers of this lifestyle. When given an opportunity to wear diapers whenever one wishes, it will not be long until one finds themselves wearing 24/7, not for the benefits it brings, but because they cannot function without them.(Not physically, but emotionally.) This is when wearing diapers becomes an addiction, and addiction almost never ends well.

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    Excellent advice and great words to live by, especially the "honesty" part. How did you get so wise at your young age?

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    Thanks for the reply's guys. I still ware ay night but not same going out in them. That was refreshing and exciting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PadsnPullups View Post

    Excellent advice and great words to live by, especially the "honesty" part. How did you get so wise at your young age?
    Cannot tell. . .sarcasm. . .maybe?. . . anyway. . .I will just leave a quick reply and no hijac the thread.

    There is no secret. . .Everything I know and understand is just a culmination of my experiences, observations, and thoughts. If there is wisdom or truth in anything I say or do, it is merely because I took the time to think about what I was going to say or do before I said or did anything.

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