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Thread: New trend: Acceptance Incognito or Unrecognized Marketing

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    Lightbulb New trend: Acceptance Incognito or Unrecognized Marketing

    I'm pretty sure that we've all noticed that in recent times, companies have been moving to make more of their product more enjoyable. I'm not just talking about the ABDL products that we are starting to see more of, but I'm talking about all the mundane products that we don't reall think about. Let's think about this. More and more adult vitamin companies are moving their products to a gummy form. Why? Onesies (although footed and no snaps) are becoming more popular, to the point were a company that has gone on Shark Tank, is making money hand over fist by making onesies. Why is that? I've been asking myself these questions to and they all lead up to the same non answer; Is this a starting wave of incognito acceptance for TB/AB/DL/DF/BF etc., or is this just a marketing ploy that advertisers don' understand 100%?I could very well just be looking to close at this but am I the only one that's been asking their questions?

    I'd love to hear your opinions.

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    Don't think the trend is over acceptance of us, but a trend of people behaving more childishly.

    There's a friend of my step brother who's been staying with us, and at first I thought she might be a little. She has footed pjs, loves pokemon, etc.
    One time we were watching tv when the sketcher's game kicks commercial came on; and we started talking about how none of the shoes we want are in our size. After a while of getting to know her, I'm pretty sure she's not a little, and she's just childish.

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    From what I've seen with the footed PJ's thing, I think that's just a trend towards any person who likes wearing them, unless you were talking about a different product.

    However, there could be substantial marketing examples that we haven't seen that cater to AB's and littles purposefully. My boyfriend pointed out that there may be more AB's then we can possibly keep track of, since there most likely is a class of AB's that have AB feelings, but simply don't take action upon them/repress them.

    All it takes is one of these low-profile AB's on the head of a company to completely change the cultural awareness and recognition of our community.

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    There is a ~0% chance that is a meaningful trend towards incognito ABDL acceptance. In fact, the concept doesn't make much sense - if ABDLs are the key demographic that buys your product, then why not just market as explicitly ABDL-friendly? Presumably it's because the goal is to sell to a much, much wider audience of which we're a drop in the bucket.

    Certainly though, there are several examples of businesses who mainly market outside the community but who are well aware of our presence. Bambino has long been known to be a side venture of the people who make Secure X-Plus - it's the same diaper with a different tape panel. It's been noted that public records searches show the owner of Jumpin' Jammers and Aww So Cute to be the same person.

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    I think there's been a general societal shift away from the need to conform to a particular lifestyle and more towards being accepting of the diversity of people's likes and dislikes. On top of that, people are retiring later and later while young people are spending more time in education, travel, and freelancing, leading to the 20s being not quite adult yet compared to how they used to be in decades past. Add the two together and I think there's a big market for childhood nostalgia across society broadly. This is independent of ABDLs, although it very nicely caters to us since our tastes obviously run towards childhood. But really, I think onesies, cartoons, plushies, medicines that are tasty, and any number of other minor things in design and decoration are just nice things. And once you take away the need for guys to be super macho and girls to be perfectly elegant, it's pretty natural for people to drift toward buying all these nice things that they like and find comfortable.

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    I thought that I was thinking to deeply on it. SleepyTyrant, I think you touched on another point i meant to make but couldn't find the words to say it. I just find that it seems odd, for lack of a better word, that some marketed products that are meant for adults seem to have an undertone that says "yeah it seems childish but why not?". Again, I'm not doing so good with words right now lol. But it just seems like commercials, or he producs they're showing, seem to be promoted in that childish undertone, but in a good way. Sorry by the way if I'm being redundant, words aren't helping me lol.

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    If you look into this a bit you'll see that there is growing trend toward infantilism, but sadly, not the kind we experience. I think it's more to do with protracted childhoods these days, (kids staying at home an extra ten years longer than in the old days) and a general desire to remain youthful. Of course any good marketer is going to monopolise on such a trend, which only serves to develop it even further. So while cute tshirts, playing games and admitting a liking for plushies is kinda acceptable for 'grown-ups' I don't think acctance of full blown regression is anywhere near the horizon. In any case, I'm happy for the trend cause it means that I can wear my cartoon tees and colourful shoes and generally express a little more of my inner self without feeling too conspicuous.

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