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Thread: Do you care about 'accuracy'?

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    Default Do you care about 'accuracy'?

    In relation to your AB/Little side. Basically, do you simply mix and match aspects of different little stages and choose a 'little age' (or number of ages) which feel cute to you, or do you ever actually research what a little of that age might be doing, and go as close to the realism route as adults can?

    I've traditionally done the former, but recently I've been feeling oddly secure and happy by putting some limits on my activities, because either they're too grown up for a toddler, or else I enjoy being that growing boy who can use the potty but still sometimes wants to play with toys for tiny infants.

    Also, I quite like the idea of fitting in with a certain age/development stage, as it seems to help me get into Little space more easily. How about you guys?

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    I'm very much someone who does not prefer accuracy when it comes to this. As someone who is still trying to discover their little side, and as someone who is making an effort to be more AB on occasion, I find it difficult to try to narrow down to a finite age. Instead, I like to mish-mash things that will make me feel little. Like eating PB&J while watching cartoons or sleeping in my onesie or drinking from a bottle. I mean hell I've even taken to sipping rum and coke from a bottle just because the act of using the bottle made me feel little (this statement alone should show you the degree of accuracy I'm concerned about haha).

    From my fursona side though I like to stick with a particular when I'm doing RP I like to try to stay in character.

    Good topic! I look forward to seeing what others come back with on this

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    Because there is always some variation in my regressive behaviour, I am always content to roll with what happens. It is on reflection, often easy to identify where Ive been in age approximate terms though.

    Mostly, I will regress fairly quickly to a fairly specific age range, which is from my observation of toddlers, around18 mths old. But at times I can feel a little older, especially if I happen to be out (which I might add, I really try to control because it can get a bit weird) and in deep regression I can slip all the way back to 3-6 mth behaviour.

    How do I know? Well regression is strange in that even though my behaviour becomes almost involuntarily driven, my decisions while regressed are very much my own, albeit through the mindset of a toddler. The other thing is that my very rational and alert adult mind (although very much like a fly on the wall) is always available, which means I have a thorough recollection of events from my regression. This enables me to reflect on the specifics of my regression.

    The other thing is how readily I recognise and identify with the behaviours of toddlers that I see.

    I don't ever elect a particular activity or behaviour to approximate an age, these just naturally emerge, and so curtailing certain activities is of little interest to me. I just go with what at the time seems perfectly natural. ( of course I can set my self up to regress when it suits, but that's like setting a ball rolling down a hill - you know, once it gets going...... )

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    The only accuracy I care about in this is matching what appeals to me. I've looked over real child development levels and I don't see anything that would increase my enjoyment by sticking to a certain level. Everyone finds their fun differently, so more power to you if you want to stick to a realistic role. I just don't see much realistic in this for myself.

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    You can never truely have ' accuracy ', or experience things the way you did, or would have, at whatever age you regress to. You can never truely ever go back. Your thoughts are not those of a child, the physical structure of your brain, itself, is not that of a child. The best you can hope for are fleeting ' feelings ', replicate emotions and feelings you can remember from your childhood, or the feelings that come from a fantasy senerio of childhood. At your core, you are an adult.

    When I 'regress' , I am still aware of the many things that would never even occur to a child. I am aware of the everyday household chores that must be done, the meals that must be prepared, the bills that must be paid. I know what time I must awake in order to ready myself for, and arrive on time to work. There are hundreds of things that I am aware of that I must do. In short, you can never go home.

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    Can't say I've ever cared about accuracy. I do whatever feels right to me.

    For example, if one night I'm feeling little but really want to finish a good video game, I'll dig out some Bambinos and a onesie and start playing. To me, "being little" doesn't really mean that I'm a full infant, it means that I feel like one. If I want to intergrate some more little aspects to enhance the feeling, I will.

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    Interesting topic, I don't focus too much on being accurate, I do things that I like and enjoy the experience as much as I can

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    Just another thought on accuracy.....I guess authenticity is perhaps more important to me. For example, even though I may have to wear adult sized diapers and any other apparel, it is quite important that these as accurately as possible reflect the infant versions....I suppose this helps in holding my mindset in that regressed state. I would add in contradiction perhaps, that imagination is a powerful tool that can completely transcend any physical reality, or need for specific items...but hey, transitional objects are really...really nice

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    In my AB play, I don't regress mentally. Instead, I see myself as an adult being treated like a young child. Age-consistency doesn't matter to me unless it matters to the person who's "making" me dress like a child.

    If it's entirely up to me, I'm inclined to mix and match clothing and activities. For instance, I might enjoy drinking from a bottle (appropriate only before 12 months) while wearing shortalls (more appropriate for a toddler) and watching Archer (not appropriate for children of any age).

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    I find my self stuck at around 6 mouth old, + are - a couple of mouths.
    I find that I can't watch TV when I'm regressed it to hard to watch.

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