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Thread: Thinking I may be a DL

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    Default Thinking I may be a DL

    Ok so I didn't know where to post this so I thought I could get some help. I don't know where else to turn to. I have been thinking about diapers lately and I have been having a huge urge of wanting to wear one. I have secretly wore some pullups before and It felt really good wearing them. I've also been having vivid dreams of me being in a diaper. Am I weird or should I embrace it? Sorry if I sound crazy. I can't wear diapers at home because I still live with my parents house. The only way for me to enjoy wearing diapers is getting my own place which wont happen soon. And this is stressing me Im afraid someone will find out what Im into eventually. Also sorry if I sound like i dont make any sense. I really want to get involved in the abdl stuff. Again sorry. Im going through some problems right now. Also if I end up getting some diapers if I might move soon anyway "personal problems" should i buy them from Amazon or directly from the store as i am a shy person and Ill end up getting a room mate whats the best time to wear diapers and a good place to hide them. And if i wear them all day can anyone find out? Sorry for my arrogance. Need some advice. Will be appreciated Thanks.

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    Hi Armos,

    That is a bunch of questions you had but I can certainly relate to where you are at. As I grew up I always had a desire to wear diapers and thought it was really weird to want that. I also had a lot of dreams about me wearing diapers but i never really got to wear any in real life. That is until about 2 years ago, which for me was after college and when i was working full time.

    I prefer ordering from amazon because the prices are really good and then there is no embarrassment to buying in store. Sometimes when i do feel extra confident i will buy diapers in store for either me or my wife. Really people dont think anything of it, and if they notice would empathize with your situation that requires you to buy diapers.

    You will have to figure out how often to wear whether living with family or roommate. It is typically better if other people dont know about this side of us, and i have only told a couple of my very very close friends, and wife of course. I have not told a lot of very close friends too because not all are openminded or positive.

    Hope that helps.

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    Sorry, i missed a question, you can wear diapers all day without people noticing. I do it all the time.

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    I can definitely assure you that you are not crazy for wanting to wear diapers. I can definitely relate to the desires of wanting to wear, heaving strange dreams about it, and feeling guilt for this fetish. Once I got over the stigma, I was able to get and wear diapers from time to time, and was definitely much happier for it.

    While I haven't ordered from Amazon per se, I definitely prefer ordering online to buying in the store. Among other reasons (better quality, more variety), I don't have to worry about people possibly seeing me and feeling embarrassed, though people won't notice if you do order from the store, especially with self checkout.

    As for your roommate and the best time to wear and place to hide, that really all depends on your roommate, and how much they respect your privacy. I definitely agree that this is not something other people should know about it, and the only people who know that I'm an ABDL are also ABDLs. If you wear them all day, people most likely won't find out as long as you don't do anything to make it obvious.

    Hoping this is helpful.

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    Nope, you're not weird. You've come to the right place. I'm a DL too. Nothing wrong about it.

    I personally don't like buying them in person, and there's a better selection to be found by buying online. So buying from Amazon will be your best bet if you're shy.

    Best place to hide them, will depend on the place that you're living in. I usually find that having them in a closet or in a box inside of a closet will work best. That way if someone opens the door to your closet they won't directly see them in there.

    Someone could notice that you're wearing. But the natural assumption by people will be that you're wearing for medical problems, and that it'd be rude to say anything; so they won't mention it. I've gone out diapered many times before. Everyone is paranoid that someone will notice. But the vast majority of people aren't going to be looking to see is someone is diapered. And if they were, they wouldn't be able to tell what the "normal" amount of puff in your pants is.

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    If you're going to wear, just remember to wear baggy clothes, if you go out in public. If you're not ready to go out in public, just stay in your room.

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    You should just embrace this. There is nothing wrong with being ABDL. I thought I was weird at first too, but then I embraced my new interest in diapers and now I am much less stressed about who I am. Welcome to the community!

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    Thanks guys. Sorry for not replying been busy" I'm afraid to tell someone this because I have told a close friend before and It backfired. So I regrett doing that. We dont talk anymore though. Which is good. You can never trust anyone these says. Its sad. Also I have a question on buying diapers from amazon. I dont feel like making another thread. How can I tell what size fits me before I buy? And I suck at measurements. I want to be able to sleep all night in a diaper one day. Also if I get adult sized footed pajamas no one will notice my diaper right? Like my roommate, etc? And is it alright for adults to wear the pajamas? I really appreciate everyones help. One more thing if I buy an adult sized baby bottle and a pacifier from amazon. Is it best to usd them when my roomate isnt around? Thanks sorry if I went off-topic Im just looking for ABDL advice and safety tips.

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    sizing is actually pretty simple for diapers because, due to tapes, they fit a range of waists. Just go check the measurements on a pair of pants that fits you well and check it against the diapers you had in mind. The rest of your questions however really, really really depend on your room-mate and your living situation. I think most people would find adult sized footed pajamas a bit... quirky is I think a fair description, but wont think too much of that alone.

    Now will the pajamas hide your wearing. The bulge probably, the crinkle probably not.

    Finally if your really looking to keep this to yourself it might be best to wait until you can get some alone time that way you can do what you want with out the stress and worry of getting caught. After all your diapered time should be relaxing and enjoyable first and foremost.
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    You're not weird for wanting to wear diapers and came to the right place and I say that you should embrace wanting to wear diapers and you should indulge in your AB side if you desire to do so. I never used my bottle and paci around other people, the only person I used my stuff around was a guy that was a DL. My suggestion would be not use your stuff around your roommate and do it in the confines of your room.
    When buying diapers I think you should choose the option that is best for you. I never ordered from amazon but I have to think that they will be discreet about the packaging and shipping like everyone else is.
    When wearing around other people it's best to wear loose clothing so that the diaper doesn't show but it probably can be heard though. I would say indulge in your AB/DL side when your alone or when your are in your room with the door locked.

    I hoped that I helped and good luck.

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    You don't specifically say anything about shipping privacy but tall2826 did.

    In respect to amazon, they ship discretely -- IF what you order is shipped from amazon. Note that many seller on amazon use amazon to do their shipping. In this case, amazon ships in a plain box. However, if the seller ships the order themselves (only using amazon to list and collect money) than the order may or may not ship discretely. You will need to contact the seller directly.

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