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Thread: Talking to this girl non ab dl girl.

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    Default Talking to this girl non ab dl girl.

    So there's this girl am talking to on facebook and am scared to tell her I like wearing diapers but I don't want her to freak out if I tell her and this is like the first girl that's spoke to me.

    Shes from China so will she take offence at me with her way of life ?

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    Are you dating her? I assume you've met her recently. I'll be honest, I don't see any reason to tell her, not right now but maybe in the future if things start to go well.

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    When I go to tell her I get very shy and tongue tied and she asks why I look all nervous but I can't do it

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    Sounds like you may be a bit ahead of the curve on this one. Take a look at this and see if you need to start talking now:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brustkle View Post
    page not loading trev ?
    How odd. It loads just fine for me. It's in the articles subforum under ABDL. The title is "To Tell, or Not?"

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