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    hey everyone just wondering how does one actually go about using booster pads?
    I know its a really basic question but would anyone be able to give me some help with it?
    I made a post going into my situation more indpeth on the incontinence board but I currently have some Lille booster pads tape ons and pullups
    In the near future I may very well upgrade to molicare super plus though

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    you pull off the adhesive backing and place them in your diaper. i like mine to be centered but others like them to be more forward. as long as it's between the leak guards you should be good but its mostly personal preference in my experience.

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    You will also want to know if the booster pads you are getting are a flow-thru or a plastic backed style. This will usually be made clear on the product description or right on the bag. When a flow-thru is fully soaked any additional urine will flow on through to the diaper/or pull-up below, essentially increasing the capacity of your pull-up or diaper. In the plastic backed pads when they are fully soaked you remove them and put in a new one. Which one you will want to use will depend on the situation in which you'll be wearing them. Nice thing is they are easy to remove and replace and can be carried into a restroom very discreetly, unlike a regular diaper. Hope this helps!

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    They go in between the standing leak guards. If the diaper doesn't have standing leak guards just place it down the center. If the booster pad doesn't run the entire length of the diaper just place it where you need the added absorbency and use as many as you feel are wanted or needed.

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    I can recommend, using cloth boosters in your diaper. that will help spread out urine and thereby give you a greater capacity in your diaper, as the wetness will spread to the back as well.
    And another positive thing, is you no longer have to worry about flooding, cloth has greater wicking capabilities than "paper fluff"

    I now extensively use cloth boosters in my diapers, only when I'm on travel I still use disposable boosters...

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